Path of the Vitki: More Books & Apprenticeship Program

So recently I have had many new changes coming to my work I want to make everyone aware of. After some time from “Heathen” being released and my new project “Presoteric” getting up and running I have been talking with Timothy about releasing a series of new books on Viking Magick expanding on the system of Viking Magick already outlined in the Heathen. As such I will be releasing three new books, (The Book of Loki, Freyja and Odin) and with another author who will be expanding the system with me.

My passion for this industry has been to help guide those looking for real practical magick who want to escape from the romantic bullshit. To give something you can hold in your hand, to give the science and method behind how to get results in magick. With these new developments and finding my balance again after a huge transformation I am also offering something new for the many who requested it. I have decided to publicly offer my Apprenticeship program, something that before was exclusively by invitation. This program lasts a single year, and covers roughly 100 - 120 live sessions with me. In these session I will pass on all of my tips, tricks and methods in my magick.

Whether you just want to get better at magick or work a particular system, I can help you. In the foundation of this program you will learn basic psychology, hypnotism as well as various occult theories and methods including my system of Viking magick (Path of the Vitki). All of this will give you not just an idea of how to do magick but an understanding of how it all works and how to best use it.

This program does come with a price tag but one that is very low and reasonable given the investment time for something this large. I find it generous considering the length of time I will have to invest into a single individual for a full year. If you would like to come onto this apprenticeship program send me a message and we can discuss details.

Time for the next chapter of the Path of the Vitki, and the new system of Viking Magick is only just beginning.


There are still slots available for those interested. Also with this apprenticeship is free entry into my rune magick course beginning February 1st


Can’t wait to hear how this goes.

May you and your participants have much success. :grin: