Path of The Magi

Now first off this isn’t a path to becoming A Magi as I’m not sure if there is a specific one. I’ve been told the path of the magus, the magi, the wise man, the seer, the sorcerer, and of knowledge is for me. Which basically is like a lot of the people in here, to know all and practice all, etc.

I choose the name Magi because it’s always resonated with me even back when I was Christian as a kid. I liked being the wise man or becoming one.

So I made this journal because I’ve tried a lot of pathworkings and I’ve always fallen off. That is more my fault, I would read a lot that I liked but disagree with some aspect of it and overthink it and waste my damn time. I know now I’m allowed to disagree and still work on the path, it is a system.

So I decided to try something new, and that is work together with different paths. Now off the bat, you might be thinking “well shouldn’t you dedicate your time to one path?” or “if you fall off a lot of them how will doing more than one help?”
Great questions and my answer is, well I don’t know. I really don’t but I need to come at it from a different angle.

Use Bardon’s methods and hemertics but with more of my beliefs and idea, Go through the O.O.A while working with the gatekeepers, etc.

Now, of course, I’m probably not the first to think of this idea and It is probably wisely used or maybe just failed miserably but if I’m going to make my own path to ascent I have to look at the methods and system and not the beliefs the person writing it follows.

A lot of paths have something on there that helps me begin and I see a lot of other paths have something else I also need. Working with more than one (depending on what I feel I need) seems beneficial in the long wrong.

Maybe I’m wrong and just need to choose one and then work on another after, I feel its limiting. So yeah this will be my journey through basically whatever seems intriguing enough or calls to me.

Thanks for reading!

In that case you really should contact the spirits that have tried to communicate with you as we speak. I have a hunch that is appropiate advice.

I agree with that very much so. Only problem with I’m not fully sure who is trying to contact me. Well I do have a pull towards the demonic gatekeepers, especially Azazel atm but still not sure if I get the grilmores that are out if I should get them all or just Azazel atm (Of course I don’t need it to work with him but somehtign has been drawing me to it).

I think there might also be a draw to the Nordic path and some gods like Loki but I am unsure.

Another one is Mepsital because she has come into my thoughts recently.

Besides that I know there are more I just don’t know which ones are which at this moment.

Ah, decisions. Never really fun to deal with but oh well. Considering how you could just call upon azazel and work with him without any books, not bad. Unless you really require books. For example, I didn´t know how to do rituals under the tutelage of lilith until she showed me. I did have a pendulum to communicate with Lilith. I´d say Azazel is your best bet but it´s your call. What´s the most closest to your situational needs?

Its more the need to practice magick and get better at communication, astral senses, soul/astral projection, etc. I know when azazel is here but I don’t really know what hes saying or wants. The compendium always pops up some where when hes in my mind. Its the only way atm I can really distinguish what some spirits are wanting . Like I knew Lucifuge wanted to talk to me beacsue he came up everywhere I looked though I haven’t or seen evidence of him calling since so maybe I’m suppose to do something before hand.

of course there are earthly matters like love, money, career, etc I want but my magickal life needs to be improved so I can obtain those more easily.

The only thing with the azazel girlmore is that some say they work off each other so idk if, if im going to get any of them, I should get the Belial first then the others or if I should get Azazel’s and come back to the others

I´d say Azazel is good, Though I haven´t checked if Azazel compendium is on sale just yet(I know, I´m stupid)


It is, came out on new years. I’ll probably get it soon. I want to work with all gatekeepers but maybe Azazel is my first? If anyone could check that (i don’t know how you would) that be nice but If I have to I’ll trust and get it.

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Also the Norse has been on my mind so maybe its also something I should look into? I’ll put the question here to come back to or look into

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Thank you for the help, Its nice to chat through things

You are welcome

So after a reading I did (It was on an App but its accurate for simple decisions like this) I’ve decided on getting the Azazel Compendium first of all. I had three options Belial, Lucifer-A, and Azazel and teh first two came up reversed.

The Belial book got the Queen of Swords Reversed, the potential to be Incredibly wise but would lead me towards cold-heartedness and cruelty. Or I think could be Belial will be like this and that he is wise but I’m not ready for this path and might cause me more harm as I’ve heard Belial (or any gatekeeper really) will be strict… Maybe I need time before then.

Lucifer-A’s Book got The Sun (which is very telling) but reversed signifying depression, negativity, etc. Lucifer has a strong connection to the sun and so do his mask (like Amaymon is the black sun). But this card can signify that there are clouds blocking the rays, he may teach me enlightenment but I may not be able to really accept it at this time in my life. I know most lessons these entities teach can feel like your life is being torn apart to show something new but I think the card is telling me at this time in my life It will be even worst for me and I won’t see what they are trying to give me
Maybe if I do it at this moment in time my life would fall apart and I don’t need that, yes he’d be teaching me enlightenment but my eyes are not yet open to it and there are things I need to do first.
Maybe not life tearing apart but definitely sadness and depression which I’m working on getting out of atm and it’s probably not best for me to throw myself back in there. (trying not to make Lucifer sound bad just think I need to wait to work with him)

The Azazel Compendium got the Ten of Pentacles and it’s not reversed. It represents Legacy, Inheritance, and Culmination. From what I’m reading the Azazel Compendium and working with Azazel will bring me to the culmination of what’s been going on in my life atm, finally a fulfillment. It’s also Pentacles which represents earthly things like money but can also mean more than just that. I always read it as earthly things like money and finances are involved but not the only thing, it can be spiritual but gain but earthly matters will tie into it from what I’ve read and felt.

So yeah that’s the reading, did it on my phone because I don’t have my cards with me but I’ve been a decent reader so even if it’s on my phone I can usually know if its right or not. So what do you all think of this? Its been a bit since I’ve done any kind of reading so I hope its accurate but either way fun to read.

1/6/2019 Afternoon

I did a lot of thinking today and I wanted to rant to myself and just put it out there to look back on it one day.

So I’ve struggled with magick for awhile. I’ve loved it for awhile too but it has been a big struggle. The main struggle is not seeing the results. I’m not saying there aren’t results but me consciously knowing that it was my magick that got me results hasn’t been there. Its a part of me that’s hard to get over. I’m not seeing is believing kind of guy, I do believe in magick and I can assume my magick got me said result or it worked in a different way but I have no way of knowing and it tears me apart.

Spirits and Entities, for example, I haven’t worked much with them because I could never seem to see them or hear them. I know that doesn’t mean they weren’t there but its enough for me not to be able to get ‘into’ the ritual. I work with trying to upgrade my senses in hopes of being able to verify. I know if I want reassurance I need to perform a ritual with spirits but I am afraid of not getting results. I’ll admit it, half if not all of what’s wrong with my magick is me.

I know spirits come to you in your own voice sometimes and that makes it difficult for me. In Highschool, I was haunted by intrusive thoughts that I called voices that all had my voice just slightly different. I’m also used to talking in my head a lot. Now if those “voices” were just me or spirits Idk, they were extremely harmful and hurtful and sucked ass. I’ve been able to get over them and they don’t come back anymore after I did some self-care for about a year. With those events happening it is really hard to think something in my voice in my head is nothing else but a projection of my self. And I know spirits are as much inner as they are outer (as within, so without) but that’s not what I’m talking about, every time I can determine its just me rambling in my head as I can change what I’m saying instantly.

Maybe I do need to relax, listen, and take it as a spirit but that seems reckless and would probably not go well. I trust my gut feelings more than I do my own thoughts. I’m on a quest to find a way to distinguish because hell there should be. Maybe there is not but I think there has to be. I know certain spirits are calling to me by gut feelings and synchronicity but I need it to be better than that. A lot of people can do it with just a voice in their head even if it sounds like them… I need more.

So I’m putting this hear mainly to outline frustrations to myself and in the hopes that one day I’ll come back to with finding a definite way of knowing its the spirit or disproving myself and figuring out how to trust when a voice I hear in my head (even if it’s my own voice) is a spirit. Either way, I come out with clarity, everyone hears or communicates with spirits differently so I need to figure how I will. I’m a person who likes communication to be clear, what they’re saying could be cryptic but at least I know it’s them… let’s see if that changes and if I’m better for it