Past lives

I’m curious about knowing past lives.
Is there a technique to know that?

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Meditation and past life regression & dream memories :slight_smile:


This is an interesting topic. I was just reading an article on it that addressed the issue of population increase and overall “soul count”. One opinion was that you would be drawing souls from other sources than previous human existences, or even Earthly ones for that matter; possibly from other planes/dimensions. The other theory was that not all humans have past lives, either because the soul was generated newly, or because a previous existence consisted of sensory input that is not relevant to human perception.

In so far as intentionally recalling a past life, that can be tricky. My suggestion would be to access it via directed dreaming. Dream journals can be a great way to track consistent visions, so maybe that can narrow the wheat from the chafe.

I just did this. Depending on how relaxed you can make yourself, you need to get extremelyyyy relaxed. a guided meditation for relaxation may be where to begin. Once the relaxation meditation is over, start you memory from 10 minutes ago when you began the meditation, and begin to rewind you life from today to the day you were born. You will begin to access memories that you did not know you had, and just keep going backward, include emotional attachments from the time period. So once you are 16, try to remember what it was like to be 16, what the thought process was like, how you viewed everything during those memories, and keep going back in time. Once you have reached the beginning of this physical body, what are the first memories you have, who are you, can you get to a memory with a mirror or a reflection in water? What do you see, and what can it tell you about who you are.

When I did mine, I was delivering a baby in a village, inside of a tent. As I went further back, I was probably a Neanderthal because I felt very primal and not cognitive… I was digging a hole like an animal, but I was a humanoid. LOL not impress, definitely was not King George in my past life, but I made sure NOT force memories, and they just came.

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you’re right. the person who taught me this explained the population difference, this can be first life for many people given the rate of population growth.

@Rcs4215 so you were accessing your Akashic records?

I wish i could say yes but i rather not BS. When i was at EA’s bootcamp last week and I told him that I wanted to look into my past lives, this is the exercise he had me do. Only he waa doing the guided meditation while I was laying on his couch asking me the above questions and giving me the above instructions.

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Please explain I think I know what you mean, but I may be wrong. Thanks.

I basically mean that if you were an organism that did not share the ability to perceive as a human does then it would mean very little as a human trying to recall and perceive such a previous existence, ie plant, alien, or even an existence outside of our reality in a form not even imagined by humans. If your previous existence did not consist of touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight then your current human existence has no basis of comparison to appreciate or perceive the experience. It can get even weirder if your previous existence was not even necessarily a physical form or in the physical plane.

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Got you. Thanks.

My own UPG take on this, from my vision experiences, has been that ultimately - going way way way way back - we’re all part of one single consciousness that, in different dimensions, experiences itself as separate entities. Also, my own take has been that we can reincarnate as other forms of life and that many, many things have consciousness that we wouldn’t imagine had consciousness. There may be a lot of humans running around right now but there are also fewer of many types of animal, plant, and insect, and who’s to say some humans weren’t previously other kinds of life? Being an angel, demon, god, etc may even be a type of incarnation.

IDK if this is the general view, though.

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That’s basically what I was getting at. If you were a plant consciousness previously than your current human form would perceive it as alien in terms of sensory perception.

On the other hand, if we have all been everything, it’s something to draw upon in disciplines that involve shape-shifting.

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