Past Lives and Dejavu

Im wondering what other people’s experiences are with past lives if any of you are open to share. When I was little I remember I would dream about specific locations I have never seen repetitively, although the places changed over periods of time. I would also meet people in my dreams who were excited to see me and asked where I had been and I remember being super excited to see them too, only to awake thinking “who the fuck was that?”

I think the trippiest one was seeing a woman straight pulling a jesus walking on the water at the beach. What left me wondering was the way she was singing a very soothing lullabye type song and I somehow knew the words to it, and as I began speaking the words and staring at her she nodded and smiled as if in apprival of my remembering.

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There are many theories on what happens after we die. In my opinion, the only thing remotely plausible seems to be reincarnation. I too have had that dejavu feeling like, this has definitely happened before. Or meeting someone for the first time but we both strangely feel as if we’ve known each other our whole lives. And also, going to a new place for the first time but things look so familiar I was convinced I had been there before. It’s even weirder when the person with you, feels the same way.

Yes, I’ve had several recurring dreams throughout my life. I don’t still have the dreams I had during childhood, like every so many years the old dreams fade away and a new set of recurring dreams pop up. I’ve interacted with people in my dreams and we were the best of friends, then woke up thinking who the hell were those people that I seemed to know in my dream as my best friends? I had never seen them before, ever. I have always thought these were signs of past lives, mainly because there is no other explanation that I can see.

Have you ever experienced this Serell, having another person with you that felt the exact same sense of dejavu? I always thought that recurring dreams come repeatedly because someone, or our own mind, is trying to tell us something. When I realize I have been having the same dream over and over, I sit down and try to analyze it.

Why don’t you guys try past life regression or something? I have tried a few guided regressions on YouTube, but none of them work. It would be interesting to hear if it works for you guys.

This is interesting.Once again i’ll quote from the book ‘‘chapters of life’’.
Just for the info.It talks about the overself-soul and the multiple human beings and personas it can handle at the same time.

‘‘The Overself may have a person living one life in Australia
and may have yet another person doing something else in
Africa. Perhaps there will be another one in South America or
Canada, or England; there may be more than three, there may
be five or six or seven. These people might never meet on
Earth and they would still be very much in affinity with each
other, they may have telepathic rapport without in any way
understanding why, but then occasionally they would meet in
the astral just as travelling salesmen sometimes meet in the
sales manager’s office.’’

I have never read the book Chapters of Life, but what you are talking about reminds me of this documentary I saw (on Netflix I believe), where a quantum physicist was talking about the possible existense of multi dimensions, granted these people are scientists so you have to keep in mind they don’t believe perse that magick exists so they are only theorizing from experiences and experiments. I forgot his name but he mentioned that he believes there are multi dimensions, not sure how many but he said it could be anywhere from 3 or 4 to possibly 6 or 8 and that, in each dimension, a different version of ourselves can co-exist.

He said, if your name is John and you exist on earth, a single man with no kids working as a security guard and you find that you long to have children and a wife, you yearn for them day in and out, it may be because in another dimension your name is Jarred and you have a wife and 3 kids. What you have in one dimension, you lack in another which may explain why some of us have urges to acquire certain things to the point that it becomes an obsession. This is similar to the past lives theory. That in a past life, if you have always had something and you are reincarnated but this time, you lack that something, you will crave that something because you were so used to having it in a past life.

Well the same thing could be said about having 5 different versions of ourselves co-existing in 5 different dimensions. Our conscious mind is unaware of that co-existance but what if our subconscious mind IS aware? Maybe, in relation the OP’s post, that feeling of dejavu we get, like feeling like you’ve been to a place you just visited for the first time, that feeling is subconsciously being fed to us from one of our other multi-dimensional selves? Maybe one of our “selves” has in deed been there before, or even lived there? The theory said, the multi dimensions could be in other realms or they could all exist right here on earth but we just can’t see them. Sort of like the theory that spirits are everywhere walking the earth, even walking thru us, but we cannot physically see them. Maybe we get a feeling of dejavu when we visit a place or experience a situation similar to one that one of our other selves has experienced? Or maybe we have actually crossed paths with that other self when this happens?

It’s possible. There is an old saying that, everyone has a twin out there. Maybe that’s not an old wives tale. It could be based on our ancestors previous experiences.

This is similar to what the author explains in his books.I like very much the twin thing and according to him everything has its opposite.Even galaxies and planets.Take a look in this thread.I posted some quotes from his books.!-past-life-regression-!/msg45163/#msg45163

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I have an idea of who I was, but I ain’t gonna tell. I’d like someone to come to the same conclusion I did. Now, that would be wicked.