Past live regression-session: An experience with enslavers of the human race

Today I had another session with enslavers of the human race in a healing session with a friend.
My rage was of =Absolute= proportions when I heard that…; I aim to shed some light on how they work, as well

The session content:
So apparently - in 1830 I believe it was, I was a monk, having a walk in nature, hearing someone that needed help. I had to slide down a rock, near a waterstream, and I wasn’t equipped to do that, my shoewear was slippery and I fell down, my head was bleeding and was about to die.
Then a draco reptilian, a praying mantis and a tall grey came to me in spirit , appearing as helpers in a pretending to be angels of God (I believe telepathically) and that they were going to save me, and I had agreed on those terms while having my friend in mind, that I then would be able to save.

What happened next is that they -stuffed my head, feet, hands, my lower back and right shoulder with interdimensional implants, and it did trouble me in the here and now :o and sucked my energy in so many ways , all of this life…;

That praying mantis was trying to intimidate my friend, and the reptilian (who had eyes with vertical pupils btw) told my friend to ‘stfu’
While doing that work my friend was commanding those beings (somehow) to stand still and to shut up, as if they had to obey to a certain law or so, as they got spotted.

He commanded them to remove those implants, and still they tried to be sneaky and pretend that they
were doing it, but then my friend saw that and commanded them again to to as they were told and to.

And so they did, and that was that.

The level of vice of their actions triggered me (again) towards a ‘green-light-to-extermination’ level
and I have such surges before in relation to enslaver of the human race and other races too in general. I did find out that, that choice is approved of by demons and angels alike and they can even be worked with in combined ways towards that end, or all left hand workings, or right hand workings.
You can exterminate enslavers with both hands combined or separately, I realized so far.

I will bring more personal solutions to this situation in other posts.