Past life scry/mediation result

I was doing a meditation/scry on a past life, apparently I was a german infantryman in my previous life.

I was in a small village/hamlet with a squadmate or two, looking out towards a treeline about a hundred meters from the village. I heard him say Scheck und brechen da (which roughly means check and break there according to google translate, and that was rough approximations of the spelling since I don’t speak german), then I was running towards the treeline. I heard some shots behind me before taking a round in the back. I fell forward then rolled onto my side/back. Allied soldiers came up and one of them waved a pistol in my face, then his squadmate told him to save the ammo and that I was already dead (bleeding out).

I figure it was towards the end of WWII based on the equipment they had and I had, and the fact that I was almost alone compared to their numbers and we were retreating.

I was surprised I got that much from my scry to be perfectly honest. I’ll have to do it again to see what else I learn.


What was your scrying method? This is very interesting…


I’ve been doing eyelid scrying because up until recently that was all I had to work with.

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