Past Life Regression

Today I had the most bizarre yet interesting experience ever. As you know I tried the past life regression video from YouTube for the first time. So I haven’t seen very much but my past life memories are still scattered and unorganised. And I couldn’t concentrate that well because of the damn wind battering against the windows of my bedroom and it made this creepy howling noise. At first I felt scared and nervous but I went ahead because I’m persistent like that. It took me a few minutes or so to relax. During my regression the lady said to record everything I remember on paper so I did then she went in and instructed the relaxing exercise to sink deeper into my subconscious mind. She also mentioned in writing before the video even started, to continue this for 30 days to get better results. So she said imagine yourself in front a clear lake and to your left you will see a comfortable bench with soft cushions. She told me to sit on it so I did. Then before she could even talk I saw my old self sitting next to me, smiling, laughing and talking to each other then in a zap. A spirit of a woman wearing a long sleeved white dress which looked like a 1920s/30s wedding/day dress or something. She had light brown or dark blonde bobbed hair and kind eyes (approached me and held her hand out). I was was bewildered but I reached her hand to grasp it. Then she disappeared as I stood up.

The lady spoke up again and continued to the breathing/relaxing exercise again. She told me to stand in front of the lake to see my reflection and say action to let the mist arise from the reflection of the lake. Everything was so swift I saw myself as a new born baby at the hospital in my current life and my parents were there too obviously. It was so bizarre because everything I was seeing was pressed on a rewind button. Then I saw my old self ascending down a very dark and long staircase and I was reassuringly holding a Archangel Gabriel’s right hand (he was pushing me forward to start a new life) before he bid me his warm farewell. :astonished:

Then the session ended abruptly. I know this seems far fetched but I mean can you really see to that extent? I mean last time when I saw Archangel Gabriel (which was a few weeks ago) he sent me images of me looking down from heaven seeing my mum praying to Mother Durga to have a baby girl as her next child after having two boys. :astonished: (still shooked).
What your thoughts on this? And Thank You for reading this. :blush: