Past life regression

Has anyone here done past life regression? Are you willing to share experiences? I tried it last night and saw some very interesting things.

I was Akhenaten Pharoh of all of Egypt. It was amazing and disturbing at the same time. I started out as a boy of 14. I killed my brother so that I could be heir. That isn’t listed in history. Then I was older and had amazing wealth. I was married to a beautiful queen named Nefertiri.


i have no experience but wondering on how this is achieved?

I found a video on YouTube past life regression hypnosis. I thought it would be fun

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okay i’ll go look and try it myself

One of the fortuneteller lady told me that I was a cat in my ex life


Seeing a lot of interest in past life’s as of late…


I used shamanic journeying techniques. I did a few and stopped, it seemed that of the human lives I could recall, I kept reaching the deaths and miserable bits first - which would be fine but I wasn’t learning anything particularly interesting.

I was Sirian, but I was a lot of alien races. I have yet to explore those. One very blissful one and my first (chronologically) experience of this planet, before it was fully cooled, was as part of the flowing consciousness of rock, along with other consciousnesses.
I was a Leshiye for a couple of thousand years, and have memories of being very angry with humans for misuse of forest resources. I identified as Unseelie Faekin for a while because of that. I think I was deer a lot, but can’t remember why, it’s in a journal somewhere Im sure.

Human-wise, in no particular order: I was a medieval slave, battered, bred and abused, that sucked - dying would have been better on that one. I was a Persian berserker, died when they couldn’t stop me one time and I turned on my own side - they poured boiling oil on me and it took three days to die alone in a corner with 80% burns; I was 19. I was an old druid, my wife cheated on me with a bishop of all things, and he had me hung. What else? Oh, female ancient Egyptian died in childbirth - all the pathos on that one (blech) - but that was probably an interesting life to try to go back to.

Go for it, I hope you had more fun than I did.


posted in the other thread I have visions of myself as one of the fallen angels who came to earth mated with human women and became a demon. I can remember seeing Lucifer give speeches against God in heaven and being close with Lucifer. I still don’t know my past angelic name but I don’t think it’s anywhere found in Christian scripture.

also get a vibe of another human past life as one of Charles Manson’s followers in the 60s doing tons of LSD and partaking in orgies at his house.

I think I was female in that past life I get a hippie flower girl vibe from it…

also get another vibe of myself as a forrest animal maybe a deer or a bear?

Oh I forgot the womaniser, I was some Tudor dude called Stewart, relatively rich, dabbled in alchemy, but mostly wasted the opportunity being obsessed with boobs, chasing after tail and being a complete fop. I had a custom-made sex chair made in my oh-so-darque chambers under the church. Fun, shallow and completely useless, but I thought I was so amazing. He makes the me of today facepalm so hard. :rofl:


ever seen the Coen bros movie burn after reading? George Clooney made a dildo sex chair in one scene.

I haven’t, but I’ll probably look it up now. Did it have red velvet and a built-in knee rest? :laughing:

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My guy was married to 6 women. It was weird. Now I keep seeing flashes from his life.

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Why do you think you had such awful past lives? Karma? Did you ask any entities you work with about this?

I have read a book on past lives. I have meditated and tried regressions. I still only have vague impressions.

I’ve always been drawn to Egypt. I believe I had a really great life there. Just really wholesome and fun. I don’t think I was pharaoh, but someone high-up. A priest or something. Before the pyramids. Rich.

I’ve been drawn to asian cultures. I reckon in one of them I was a Tibetan monk. I think I achieved enlightenment in that lifetime.

I’ve had a shit life in the middle ages. I think I was charged for a crime I didn’t commit. As I write this I can feel the fear. I think I felt a lot of fear in that life and died horribly.

I’ve been drawn to American Indian culture too. I got an image of me riding a dog sled, crashing down a mountain and then ripped apart by wolves. Maybe my own dogs. I remember who I’d been with watching over from above as I died and just leaving. I don’t think that life was particularly good. Maybe meh.

A few European lives. One where I was a sailor. A recent life, I think I worked in a village by docks. I am also drawn to the sea and sailing, even though I’m not that interested in doing it in this life. I think I had a son who is my brother in this life. I had a wife who I think was my ex-boyfriend in this life. She died of sickness and I just drank and drank and never got over it, then died collapsed in mud one day. My son did better dealing with it than me, but I never cared for him or gave him enough attention, which is why I think I always wanted to play games with my little brother and was obsessed with him when I was a toddler. My little brother was the one who often didn’t want to play with me, not vice versa.

One time my friend’s cat had kittens and I saw one who I believed was a dog I used to feed in a past life. I have an image of a pen full of dogs and me throwing meat in, and he was one of the dogs. When I first met the kitten it relaxed when it saw me, maybe recognizing. I had the opportunity to adopt the cat but didn’t.

I think I was gay in another past-life. I think I was a prostitute who got put in jail.

I’ve never recalled anything other than human lives. Maybe cause it’d be hard for me to accept that other stuff. Guess I’ll give it another try soon :slight_smile:

Remembering more and more now xD

In one life I reckon I was a pagan woman who worked with Pan. I see being in forests. Some kind of naturey witch. That’s the only ‘magical’ life I recall. Unlike so many of you who recall being sorcerers or affiliated with demons.

I believe guilt was a major aspect of my soul’s journey. I think when I was less evolved I hurt a lot of people and had to suffer karmically for it. Probably rapes and disgusting barbarian stuff. Hurting women.

In one life I was a devout christian woman, I may have had red hair in that life. I reckon I was outspokenly against homosexuality.

I get the feeling that in most of my lives I’ve been men. I think once I was a woman and some men got into my house and I was raped, and my mother (in that life) was there and really effected by it. I don’t feel like that event was karmic, and afterwards because of it, maybe that’s why my soul didn’t want to come back as a woman anymore.

I had a powerful love-at-first-sight crush on a schoolmate when I was fourteen, even though he was straight. I believed he loved me in a past life, but was some kind of unattractive person in my village. Stout. And I was in love with a woman and he was miserable about it. I worked with animals. He sang poems or cried about his love for me in public. Before that I think we shared another lifetime, he did something sucky to me at random but I forgave him or something, or just handled it really well.

I was one Lady Anna something or other, from England, being forced to marry against my wishes, at sixteen. Later found out there was a real Anna somewhere in the line, who married an Italian aristocrat, had a few kids, and later died in childbirth at 21. I believe that was me!

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I think I had thousands of past lives, and most were probably quite dull, it’s just that the ones with a high level of emotional energy at some point during them have a stronger signature and are easier to access, and that access takes me directly to the point where the emotion was produced. They sort of float to the top, as it were, though it makes a difference what the intention is going in, and I tended not to set one as I was just exploring.

I feel there’s a parallel there with hauntings of the type where there may be no conscious spirit presence, but the surroundings absorbed the energy and play it back to the sensitive.

These days, I’d approach it differently and be more much specific with the intent. I might try to use my past lives more like a reference work when I’m looking for something specific. The tell-me-a-story approach wasn’t so useful, and it took me a few months to process the Persian boy’s death for no gain at all really. I could watch a movie to get the same entertainment at less cost. But then in that case, maybe I should just focus on accessing the Akashic records anyway, what’s the use of past lives when I’m not that curious about myself any more?