Past life regression and karma

I don’t know wether karma is real or not but whatever it is it tortured me so much in this life Lol

I got someone to do a past life reading for me and she was of course a right hand path practitioner and she said (without me saying anything) that I had a very hard life and I suffered so much and it was because of my karma

Sooo I decided to do a past life regression myself and see who I was and the visions I received really surprised me and I ignored them and I thought well. maybe they’re not real but still when it comes to my karma it made sense and after a while I started thinking about it and I started doing research because the visions I had belonged to a historical person and when I looked into it deeply I saw just too many similarities between me and him and I remembered that since childhood I was always obsessed with that time period and the THINGS and PEOPLE which were related to that person

When I started reading the story of his life it was like I’m reading the story of my own life

Even spirits confirmed I was him

There’s more to say but I can’t say here because this guy wasn’t nice at all Lol

So now I’m trying to figure things out and try to see if it is true or not so if anyone here is open minded enough and willing to hear the full story and help me get confirmation either by asking a spirit or doing a reading please PM me I will truly appreciate your help

Here you go @LordVader

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Rather than feeling it’s “Karma”, that’s brought you this suffering.
Think of this, your aura the one you have right now, you have always had since day one of the creations of your soul.

So you carry that energy, and if ya got a lot of energy clashing with your current position in life, or if the energy you carry in general is just shit, it’s gonna cause obvious problems.

Banish, Banish, Banish and cleanse.
And your good to go.

Sometimes the most complicated things have the most simple answers.

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Yes @AlphaC it does make sense

Thank you so much for your guidance

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