Past life memory

n the stairs and then I heard the faintest scream. For such a burst only happens at intervals so the first sounds to break the silence other than dripping and the rustling of steps were those first peaking screams.

After the opening of the first screams then the accompaniment joined in horrid chorus wailing bitterly. A constant moaning and groaning provided an ample disturbing harmony capable of twisting the resolve of the hardiest warrior. The slippery sensation turned into a squishing with each step down the stone staircase. Nearly descended to the lowest hall. The halls of the unspeakable. The last few stone steps are tread. A tight enclosure reveals a tremendous opening like a grand cavern. The last test of the horror upon horrors was upon the young lad.

Great vents where opened generating a swift pull in the air which caused a vacuum recirculating the disgusting air. The vacuum caused a tremendous monstrous roar in the dark place. For the hall was not lit. There remained in the air too much gas so the halls had to be vented out before the fires were lit. Braziers were lit to welcome the young lad and the wailing heightened as the place was lit revealing thousands upon thousands of bodies of ghastly form, some beyond recognition of even beyond human appearance, some rotten corpses.

The vents now partially closed, the roaring turned into a high pitch whistling screeching. The stinch and the wailing of bodies remained and heighted at times. As the young lad was led through the place he saw more of the scene. For there were bodies pinned not only to the walls but also the cielings. The inner lowest halls were very great, not so tremendously high as they were stretching. I walked along a path as blood and other fluid which fell from the ceiling or was occasionally slung by some mad person cursing unintelligibly at the evil one who led me.

There I was taken before a great chasm and an alter which was on the very edge of the chasm. The darkness seemed to form a wall shortly beyond the edge but the imagination knew the chasm was great. A fearsome quiver struck the young lad as he beheld the scene. Wailing roaring tortured people from conquered lands reached out madly and mindlessly in wrath and agony some begging to die some begging to be set free while others screamed madly wishing to kill the evil one who walked so coolly even with a happy grin as one who you might see walking in some park on a sunny day.

He assumed I was under the effect of the drug but I was keen. I fastened myself to the alter as I was commanded but left some of it undone. Yet, I had not known of what was to occur. The evil priest lifted his hands into the air and made a strange scream that seemed to rise even above the host of wailing and misery. He flared forth shrieking and screaming madly until an echo was heard through the dark chasm. First a howling and then a cackling. A gargling roaring and a choking vomit heralded the approach of the thing, the horror upon horrors.

The screaming and wailing of the evil priest turned into challenging roars and coughing. Braying and choking laughter burst forth from the clearly insane evil priest. This seemed to cause a reaction with the horrid closing creature who’s sounds became increasingly fearsome and threatening. The evil priest burst forth one final release of wailing and barking taunting having taken a knife in the air meaning to cut the skin of the young lad before the creature and offer his blood as a sacrifice to see if the young lad was worthy. If the young lad was worthy, he would be taken by the thing into the depths of the chasm.

Only just before the priest was about to cut the young lad, even as the creature’s form broke the light through the darkness, the young lad sprung forth. The young lad took full advantage of his stunning surprise opportunity. The young lad kicked the evil priest’s knee in, breaking it completely causing the priest to emit an unplanned pulse of pain and surprise. The priest had established a type of sync to the creature but now the creature was being stricken by the radiance of the priest’s emission of pain and agony which was most unflavorful. For the creature and the priest felt as one. As the creature fed from the wailing and agony, so too did the evil priest. But now the link was broken.

The priest dropped his knife as his reached for his leg. The creature, the horror upon horrors seemed to wail and cry in pain as well. Then the young lad took the priest’s knife in hand and began stabbing the priest in his thigh causing the evil priest to burst in even more grueling pain. Only now the creature began reflecting extreme wrath and roaring madly, began plunging towards the young lad and the priest very quickly. The young lad had already began to sprint as fast as he could. The priest was the first the meet the furious creature. He was quickly felt up and entered by acidic slimy shark like skin. The priest reaching a new pitch in his screams only before being torn from the inside out into multiple pieces as his parts were smashed, grinded, eaten, and slung about the place.

The creatures’ roaring mad charge was not complete. The thing snatched dozens of bodies up at a time, impaling them, slamming them, crushing them in it’s tentacles. Some were torn into pieces and crammed down mouths which seemed to burst forth out of it’s body. The roaring mad thing raced and screamed as it took up corpses and the dying alike, ripping their bodies from the walls and ceiling whilst part of them remained chained hanging about. The creature left no limb behind occasionally crushing it’s own teeth against the metal shackles and chains which bound the bodies to the walls and ceilings.

The young lad ran as fast as he could dodging grasping hands and begging wails. He knew he would be able to escape. He saw the tight opening which led to the surfaced and raced there. The creature closing behind, nearly catching the lad but for it’s own mad clumsiness. The creature wailed and moaned as it slammed it’s body up against the tight opening. The young lad slipping on some stairs did not stop or slow down. The creature attempted to plunge itself into the small space but the stone staircase passage was too tight for the massive horror upon horrors so it turned then and began ripping apart and devouring the remaining wailing people and corpses who were chained to the walls and ceilings.

The young lad escaped, having made it to the surface, faced the sun. He was still out of breath and in shock. He was unable to open his eyes for the brightness of the glaring sun. For he had spent some time in those dark halls away from light as part of his testing. He broke down and cried remembering all of his friends and family who he saw die and get raped before him. Pinned to the walls were even some of his own countrymen, a few who had survived those long years being pinned there until they died. Yet, every last one died and horrifying gruesome death only after being tortured in misery and agony being used as batteries to summon and feed the horror upon horrors.

That young lad had no name he could remember. Yet, he would soon receive one. For the very god Chaldeon would later descend before him and rename that young lad - Chalsidon Shammesh