Past Life Feelings resurfacing

Hiya! I’ve been feeling confused all day today because I have this strange thing that’s bugging me and telling me I don’t belong in this body. :confused:And I feel unhappy almost. I want to do that past life regression meditation before going to bed but I don’t why am afraid to do it because I’m scared if I will see any horrible things. :fearful: I know I’m not ready for this type of thing but maybe I consider this in the future. Forcing myself isn’t healthy at all for my wellbeing. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :revolving_hearts:

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What regression meditation are you talking about? Maybe the regression can make you more unhappy than now. I would indicate the Liber Tisharb, but I dont know what are you into, good look

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Those sound tracks you listen to on YouTube I came across a few.

how do you do to see my videos? I got curious.

I don’t think those work.

Well for some people it did. It depends on the person, it works differently for everyone.

Oh trust me if you were meant for this path it’s gonna happen.

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I know lol :joy:

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My past life came looking for me this life! To give a warning! You might want to try and contact your past life, it could be sending you a message! :slight_smile:

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How? Could you explain please? Thanks.

What do you mean how?

I mean what sort of messages do you get? For me I don’t see signs I feel them because my intuition telling me.

She showed me a glimpse of my past life, and I kept dreaming of a sigil after that. So I guess she wants me to connect with her again. But it doesn’t always mean it’s good.

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