Past life feelings resurfacing 2

Hi again,
I have stronger feelings that I may have fathered a child (son) in my past life. And I don’t know if I’m searching for him or someone else. I observe everyone’s faces (not to be creepy) in public to recognise someone I know from my past. It’s weird it feels like I need to search for this person immediately to tell them something.

How strange.

Maybe in a past life you lost your son and dedicated your life to finding him. You searched far and wide and never gave up on him, cause maybe you made him a promise or a promise to his mother. You searched desperately and then died. That’s just a wild guess.

Or some other spiritual stuff is going on.

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Maybe but I don’t know why I have this feeling that my wife could’ve of cheated on me with another man then she might of eloped with him and that’s why I hate the idea of being in love. Then I might of became a single parent to my son? I feel like he’s still alive or he might of reincarnated to someone else though.

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Meditate on the problems, let the story unfold completely, let yourself feel the grief if you must. Then release it and try to come to the understanding that this stuff you experienced is in the past and not relevant to this life.