Past life exploration

Hello, it’s kinda clear that I have a past life connection with a specific person, but how can I know more about this?

How to explore the past life connection as detailed as possible, also do you think it affects this life of ours?


I think there are past life meditations and regression hypnosis videos/guides you can find online that can help you with this.

Might be able to explore any shared past lives and gain further guidance.

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I made a post reply in a similar topic that I think you could take a look at:

(Mostly, I shared two folks on YouTube that I personally like and had some successes with using their meditations.)

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Divine it, do some regression, if you know energy manipulation soul dive yourself and take their energy with you and find the life where the energy is more familiar.

Meditate and ask your soul to show you what the connection is , you
Should see some imagery , just let your soul funnel it to you , don’t let your rational mind get in the way , if it doesn’t work , maybe try other divination methods or have someone help you out

There are some very good past life regression sessions on Youtube. Lemme just drop the one that I tried:

I hope this helps :smiley:
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