Passing of Queen Elizabeth ll

Not that is matters to anyone else, I just like history - Queen Elizabeth ll passed away in Scotland.

She was 96.

She reigned 70 years.


Yes it was predictable as it was predicted by a famous psychic in Dec. 2021

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Thank you for responding.

Name of the psychic please and source?

There are some numbers popping up for me in correlation with my own life path.

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Thank You.

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Where I’m from, we’re taught from a young age to hold resentment towards England, the UK, the crown, and anything related to them.

Thankfully, I never learned to hate them. Imagine holding resentment towards an entire country and its people… an unproductive waste of time and energy.

Anyway, while I don’t “worship” her and I definitely won’t cry for her, I absolutely respect her and her legacy. She was one of a kind, she made history, and I have to recognize she was outstanding representing the crown and her country. She also adapted remarkably to the changes time brought.

My respects.

That being said… I don’t like Camilla (nor Charles) one bit. Team Diana here.


Although it is a policy to avoid politics, in this case, I’m sure there is an exception. Also, consider Britain’s great contributions to the occult. Aleister Crowley, Dr. John Dee, the Royal Library, etc.

The Queen is dead. God save the King.

Rest in Peace.

I agree, @anon6645274. As an American, I totally feel you.


No, there are no exceptions.

I don’t see this as political at this point, the one post that went there is removed. It’s going to attract political opinions, but lets see if we can keep it on an even keel. If not it will have to be closed.

Note: as it is, it’s off topic. I hate to interrupt a nice conversation but if someone can make it remotely about magick that would be lovely. (Thank you @CyberLord :slight_smile: )


I’m not sure that “worship” is quite the word. I think the word Icon might fit. Of course lots of pop stars and movie stars have been called icons in recent living memory but they all come and go whereas the queen has been cherished by generations and seen as very special and living almost within reach, not a distant myth or mystery.
She made a big impact on people because they saw her as someone to relate to, as someone who had such grandeur and grace and she was always there.

It’s easy to mock the monarchy but there was something about the queen that was sweet and admirable


I honestly can’t relate to royalty at all, so I can’t find any points in common to relate to her and her life (imagine having servants, or to have your children and grandchildren address you as “The Queen” or “Your Grace” instead of just “mom” or “grandma,” or to have to take extreme care about your life and public image because the whole world is watching you all the time! or to never know what it’s like to wash the dishes or do the laundry!) and I think monarchy is quite outdated and pointless in this age.

That being said, I respect her and her legacy nonetheless. Her title was her job and, more importantly, her duty. Anyone could tell she was doing what she had to do, and she was responsible and devoted to doing her job well. She was impeccable, and she probably sacrificed her more human side and needs (“mom”/“grandma”) in favor of her duties.


I’m neither English nor British, so how about having more knowledgeable members here share some historical insights or rare facts about the connection between the UK royalty (not necessarily contemporary) and the occult? I bet there’s gotta be something, some hidden stories or some royals that were into it…


I live in London and on my way home, I saw her face all over billboards and we all got notified via apple news, all BBC recordings will stop and some shops will close out of respect. This means that now we will now have a new national anthem and new money with Prince Charles’s face on it.


Well I’m with you there @anon6645274, I’m not into royalty or the monarchy either. The rest of the royal family are a waste of space who have lived off their mother’s money, legacies and privileges.

Actually even though she wasn’t born to be a queen, that happened by unusual circumstance (her father took over as king after the abdication of the previous king so she was originally a long way down the list) she personally chose to do the duties everyone saw her do. She didn’t have to do anything, she could have chosen a very withdrawn life instead.

When I mentioned that she was seen as relatable what I meant was that she was a living person with family concerns on view to the world.

It’s interesting that you used the word worship and when I think of worship, I think in terms of worshipping gods, goddesses and deities.

But hundreds of thousands of people would turn out for her yet she is not a god or goddess and the people turn up because they wanted to show this person respect and hope to see her in the flesh. She lived what could be seen as an ideal life with all the riches and the world at her feet. Highly revered just like a goddess but this one living in our reality, hence I say, she was relatable to a lot of people and apparently she did wash the dishes when she had private guests over, she was quite ordinary.

Historically, royal families did employ magickal advisors to help gain and keep their positions in power.


Well I found this:

Queen Elizabeth I even went so far as to employ a man named John Dee, a mathematician and occultist who often acted as her astrologer and an advisor.

Read More: Royalty Who Dabbled In Witchcraft



Yes, I am sorry for not saying anything about the Occult or Paganism in my original post.

One has already mentioned Elizabeth I and her ties to the Occult.

My main focus within Europe are the covered up sites of the Temples Of Isis. For the last two years, my main focus has been focused in and around Paris

Most of your monarchs will have spiritual advisors. I’d Google the name Rasputin - he was a spiritual advisor to the last czar of Russia. (I’ll stop here before I go into one my lovely tangents!)

Back to topic!

Okay, one small tangent! Paris and Rome are two main key factors in establishing the Catholic church. My madness to consume the knowledge of Egypt and where my main Goddess is Isis - my path lead me down a direction I did not expect. :sweat_smile:

If you’ll give me a few days to get my thoughts together, I will write a more specific factual evidence based post.

I just work a lot right now.


I’m not making any judgement on the individual in question, but I think its prudent to consider other variables that could inform such a conclusion from a mundane perspective:
-She was 96. People that old tend to die pretty soon
-Her deteriorating health has been heavily reported in the last couple of years and has been markedly more significant over the last year or so
-People have predicted her death would occur the following year since day dot

I don’t know this guy, so I cannot form a view on his psychic prophetic capability. But I do think its important to consider that an assessment attributed to ‘other abilities’ can also be based on mundanely available information


Of course you are right, dying of an 96 years old woman is not surprising but the woman predicted another events and she is advisor to several famous and rich people in her country.

That doesn’t mean you get a cookie for predicting a geriatric is going to die sometime in the year… a YEAR.

Honestly, putting anyone on a pedestal is a bad idea… build your own ability to prophecy, and pat yourself on the back of you nailed the week she died, or other events that happen when the death happens, then we’ll be impressed… otherwise this is nothing better than sensationalism and statistics pretending to be magick.