Passed down from my family?

So today I decided to show my grandma the new crystals I bought and told her about me improving on my tarot and she just DROPPED this bombshell that her and my MOTHER used to both be into tarot and crystals!

At first I was like theres no way but then she showed me her old tarot cards and some crystals my mother owned before she passed away!

I’m honestly so shocked and I wonder if anyone else has a similar experience?

Also I wonder if I can use my mothers crystals?


Your mother passed on right?

I would say I was definitely be using anything passed down to me by my family. That I know is safe. I feel like stuff like that is so much more meaningful and powerful than just buying them from the store. They will also still be holding on to a little piece of your mother and her energy as well.

Honestly I would not at all be surprised if you become even more connected to her and: or feel her around you more.

That’s actually super exciting! Do you know what crystals your mother had?

Well it’s a bunch of small different crystals and I think 3 of the crystals are clear quartz but thats all I really know for now as I’m just really getting into crystals myself haha

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Maybe this is her way of being a part of it. Start you education by finding and understand what she had and their powers and usages. This is super exciting!!

yes it is!! This just motivates me further and I know my commitment is being tested by my guides haha

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Let me know what they all are when you find out!!

will doo