Passed an exam thanks to Words of Power!

Just wanted to recommend to everyone the Pass an Exam ritual from the Greater Words of Power book!

The author recommends doing it every day from the moment you know you’ll have an exam on a specific date. Personally, I did it for a couple of days before going to sleep, and once before the exam.

Tbh I hadn’t studied much other than those two previous days, so I thought I was going to fail (it’s an international exam that’s known for being rather tough)… but I nailed the emotional transmutation by visualizing I got the “you’re approved!” email and the joy and surprise I’d feel when saying each name in the sigil.

It worked!


I have an exam next month and I’m going to tell my experience about it
Thank you for posting this, I didn’t know the existence of it


I forgot to mention, I also did the ritual again right after being told I was approved, in gratitude for the results!


Hello guys, my name is musty. Am new here. From which post are you acknowledging the celebration? Kindly guide me thanks


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The ritual is taken from The Greater Words of Power: The Secret Calls of Archangel Magick from Damon Brand


Hello thanks for your post i need it for my university courses.
Can i use this book by laptop ?

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Of course you can I am sure even @BloodForPoppies used an ebook

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Yep! I got most of my books in Kindle format!


Thakns a lot @Akhtyahussein for your answer🙏
@BloodForPoppies do you think that your success was because of your studies and learning process ( although you studied for just 2 days) or more was for manipulation of the corrector of your test?

There was no corrector, the results were automatic so it’s like you either auto-fail or auto-pass when you submit it depending on the score.

I think it was 50/50 magick/studying. I didn’t do the ritual and just stayed still, I tried to study as much as I could for those two days, and I think the ritual boosted my luck and memory.

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