Pass Information

I was told to pass information, images from my meditation, to someone specific inside BALG. Problem is I’m getting really nervous here cause I’m pesked by the thought to pass the info yet I don’t want to disturb others I know nothing of… I really can’t get rest…


Don’t do anything if it doesn’t feel right.

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Lol and who would this person be?

These kind of posts are just teases you know.


From Azazel?

No one who replied here

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I’m not sure I’m familiar with this expression but I think you mean it in a kinda bad way. I get your point yet I’m not joking, I even started pming that person but I discarded it. I thought to upload here one symbol that appeared to me (mend for that person) and see if he’s connected to it and then pm him with the info, but then what if it’s something that no one else should know…?


No, not from Azazel, even tho my intense was to connect with him.


Who was it from?

I was provided with the name of the receiver and images, the sender didn’t reveal a name of himself. But I can say its something older than most creations, something that I’m not capable yet to fully understand due to me being a novice. Its out of my grasp.


Being a novice isn’t a bad thing it’s the best time in your path of ascent.

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So hellooo who is it omg HAHA

Ur such an icon HAHA that post made me laugh

@Anassa still waitinggg just say the name

If you feel it’s important go a head and pm the person, just explain to them what’s going on.

Most people here are understanding :slight_smile:
It’ll be okay and it’s a huge weight off you too.


^ That.
I’m willing to bet it’ll be fine… I know I wouldn’t mind, being deaf as a post myself. :slight_smile:
This thread has set the energy up quite well for it, and you’re so polite and thoughtful, if someone decides to be weird about it, I don’t think that would be on you.


Thank you everyone. The information has been passed to the rightful owner, I can breath finally again.


I lowkey hope someone will come here and say it was meant for me. Just sayin

That’s up to him to decide.

Ik haha