Parzifal´s Journey

since my first two evocations didn´t succeed as i expected, i will try working with magick in order to achieve the results that i want

yesterday, although i came tired from college, i still was determined to do something related to magick, so as usual i did my banishing ritual of the pentagram and then i tried for the first time the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram (taken from Konstantinos book), after i did that, i did the Rite of Solidification from vk´s blog (to gain confidence and assertiveness)

when i cited the rite, sometimes i would close my eyes and from that i could see Satanachia in a smokey kind of way, it was just her face and also i felt some arousal coming from her, that felt nice

Lilith i could sense some of her energy too and saw too a rectangle (like a chalkboard) and i struggle a bit with my intrusive thoughts because they were distracting me from my ritual

Verrier´s energy gain me some confidence, although i was kinda tired when i recited his part of the ritual

later on i closed the ritual with another Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

after that i wanted to connect with Astarte again and i recited the invokation to contact with her female energy and i did that succesfully, i could feel some bits of her in me, and i offered her some sexual energy meanwhile i was staring at her sigil, after i finished the offering, i saw her sigil changing forms and even saw the sigil becoming invisible, i just seeing a piece of black paper, that was pretty cool, i thanked her for being with me

i´m planning to do a ritual of hekate and lilith and evoking Astarte (again) this night


last night i did the rite of infernal vampyrism (since i didn´t have the tools to do the hekate/lilith ritual)

i wasn´t in the best mood when doing it since my narcissistic mother was bothering me because i locked my bedroom, and i was afraid she might snoop what i was doing from my window (i don´t have curtains btw) so i don´t think the rite was powerful as i wanted to be, when i finished, i waited around 20 minutes to an evokation to Astarte, then i had the idea to do it in the bathroom so i went there, i did the evokation and she came but i still couldn´t feel her, i talked to her about what my daily life, my worries and such, and i reminded her in good faith that i still wanted her to teach me how to astral project, later on i thanked for coming and i went to sleep

i did 2 rituals consecutively, the rite of infernal vampyrism and the-rite-of-oneiric-autonomy, i felt akward calling the names of the males demon since i like to work more with female entities, but thank god they didn´t feel offended because of it, the infernal vampyrims i putted more effort and i think between the two, this was more of a success, i didn´t called Astarte because i was feeling tired but today at night i´ll do it

Intetesting like to know more infernal vampyrism ritual you created ur own ?

nah i didn´t created it, i took it from vk´s blog

last night, i proceeded making a A Call to Muma Padurii for Astral Projection, i could feel her energy around me, then i evoked Astarte and when i was vibrating her many names i was staring at her sigil, it was interesting because the longer i vibrated her name, the sigil shapeshifted the most, from pitch black to different types of forms, i couldn´t see clearly of course because i turned off the lights, anyway, there were instances when the pitch black of the sigil went towards my face and that scared ne, only for a few minutes that happened, then it took a normal shape the sigil, anyway when she came i reestated my petition to her about teaching me how to astral project, and then i talked a little bit about how my day went and i dismissed her

now comes the interesting part

when i woke up (around 6 am) i was of course kinda sad because i didn´t astral project so i went to the bathroom, later i went towards my bed and hide my sigil of Astarte (so my parents couldn´t find it) and i went to sleep again, while i was trying to sleep i sense a vibration that i was in the middle of the physical and the astral, i tried to remain calm but since the vibration were too strong i chickened out and wanting to go back in the normal plane

i woke up again, thinking to myself that i was this close to astral project and a few minutes later when i was drifting towards sleeping again i thought about asking VK what should i do in my situation regarding Astarte

then i went to a dream state, my dream was about me searching about what a beginner should do when trying to practice magick (something like that) and i saw a couple of pics of sigils of various entities in a website, then i thought about the sigil of Astarte, and i purposely made a sigil to appear in my dream, then out all of the sudden i went to the astral plane, (at first i thought i was in the normal plane again), i could see my white aura when i moved my hand, then i tried to called the name of my succubus with no avail, same thing with Astarte but nobody answered, later when i tried to move i sense an entity with me, her form was like the Groot character from Guardians of the Galaxy and scared the shit out of me, i was like fuck i want to get hell out of here, and it seems that the entity in question didn´t like that and was going towards my neck, then i woke up

i asked my succubus gf if she was the groot character and she said no, i asked if it was Astarte, she said no, then i asked if she was Muma Padurii and she said yes, (i didn´t expected her to come), then i say to her ( Muma Padurii) out loud to please take a human form next time when im in the astral plane

Oh ok i must check v.k the rite of infernal vampyrism
Thanks parzifal

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as of today, i perform my daily LBRP and for the second time The Middle Pillar Ritual, and after that i did the Ritual of Qalilitu for Sexual Magnetism, when reciting the chants i was inspired by Faith No More´s frontman (Mike Patton) because he often use different kinds of voices when singing so i did a little bit of that (most of the stuff i did was low-key growling and using a deep voice), that worked perfectly since i saw Qalilitu´s sigil shapeshift and becoming a piece of white paper in an instant, my magickal skills are improving so it seems

tomorrow i´m planning to do the rite to become a satanist, i didn´t want to do it before since i thought it was a meaninglesss ritual but i became convinced to do it because i think my evokations will be easier that way (my intuition) in the future

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here i am again, last night i did my usual LBRP and the Middle Pillar Ritual, afther that i did for the first time the Yogic Breath Meditation (the Sun/Moon Breath to be specific), it was kinda funny because i was snorting, i catched a mini-cold before going home, i did five rounds of it, since it was the first time i didn´t do it perfectly, i was confusing some actions about what to do, anyway after that, my succubus said to me to face northwest when doing the evocation of Queen Astarte, i complied and the evokation went smoothly, since i took of my t-shirt, i felt her energy around my body, it was like having chills to be honest, anyway i concluded the evokation and then, i wanted to go to sleep but i couldn´t since the rush of energy was going through my head and body, i don´t know how to explain it but it keep me awake, then i felt some sexual energy too, i had to jacked off to release it

also a quick note: for some reason nowadays i don´t have much anxiety and shyness whenever i spoke to people i know, and this is making me really happy, although i have a long journey to complete get rid of my personality disorders, this small step is certainly helpful to my morale, i thank to all the Entities and Spirits who helped me and helps me to this day ascend in my magic path

i invoked Naamah yesterday with much success, i asked her if i can see her meanwhile i was closing my eyes and around 40 seconds she appeared to me as Sorceress type of girl, kinda like Cara Delevigne in the movie Suicide Squad, and it scared me because i didn´t expected she would appear in a matter of seconds

later on, i only could sleep 4-5 hours and told to myself that i was going to astral project, which suceeded, when i went projected to the astral there was a dark color being at my side (at first was like a Grim Reaper without skull but later saw him/her as a dark rectangle shape) and it scared me, i think i yelled but he/she didn´t move, later i try to scared him with my rage and he/she reacted with rage too and i backed away, he/she was still at my side without moving, next, i try to call my succubus telepathically but she never responded, and it was around that time that i woke up

i woke up around 4 am (i didn´t do magick the night before) and wanted to astral project so i listened to binaural beats to ease my transition towards the astral plane and slept hearing the BB, remember seeing a black orb reaching the side of my head when i was dreaming and i was trying to avoid that orb and suddenly i was pulled back from my body and i was floating over my bed, then i thought i must be in the astral plane (now i´m not sure if this was the case because i didn´t see myself in the bed), then i tried to call Lilith and started to recite her enn and later imagining her sigil, then 5 min. after, a woman with a mixed race appearance (similar to Olivia Munn) wearing a red dress came onto me and we started to making up (we didn´t talk to each other), i felt a magnetic type of attraction towards her and was on top of her, i wasn´t sure if she was lilith or not, then i was reminded she was the wife of an important person (idk where the heck this thought came from), so i was alone again and woke up


Qliphoth dream Naamah sphere one

Around 5 am last saturday i woke up and suddenly had the urge to initiate the Qliphotic realms, i choose the first one, Naamah, when i woke up later on, i felt like my self esteem was really good (i´m on antidepressants btw), anyway, this sunday i didn´t had any dreams but when i woke up i went to the bathroom and went back to the bed, and this is when the
interesting part begins

i dreamt that i was with my mom (i don´t get along with her) and she was trying to get me to do some big project all over again because she thought i cheated or something like that, anyway i run away from her and i was in the highway driving, when i reached the city i remember there were a big group of girls (all of them who were really hot) were promoting themselves, later i reached out for one of them, and she looked like Ana de Armas, and i asked her about something i don´t remember right now, later she told me to follow her, and i went to her apartment, that looked like some kids playground i used to play when i was a
kid, anyway she told me to get comfortable and after chatting, i see her cellphone and i said to her i know that guy, he´s a pastor but she corrected me saying it was the son of a pastor i knew and i couldn´t believe, i said really i thought he got married but she said even then he comes anyway here, i was a bit frustrated because i couldnnt believe her so later i told her i had to pee and she recommended me someplace to go, i went there, the old lady said to where the bathroom was, and i was there i couldnt pee, later i noticed there a little girl hiding, i was a bit disturbed and i went to the old lady saying i saw a little child there and she went to deal with the little problem, the old lady said to me meanwhile you can pick this old statue hand and put it above the big statue (of a dog i think) that´s on the room, i did that, later on the old lady and the little kid exited the bathroom and i went there, and suddenly the bathroom was in open air and it was raining and the little kid was playing with another person
who was there, i peed anyway and i decided to go the the escort again and suddenly i was in another part of college with people whom i knew from high school, i don´t remember very well after…


Lilith said to me that metaphorically i will enter her womb and exit there as a new man, she also said (a few weeks ago) that she wants me to be happy in life

Last Night I evoked Lilith, first it seems that i wouldn´t talk to her because before evoking i was falling sleep in front of my computer i was feeling tired, this happen twice, later i woke up around 2:40 in the morning with a feeling of resurgence of energy and this time i finally evoked her since i wasn´t feeling tired like before, anyway i talk to her and requested her if she can manipulate the college semester in order that can benefit me, whatever the outcome it might be, (because, at the beginning of this year i was already thinkin about starting to work around mid june but the pandemia happened so it threw my schedule apart along other things), she said to me via pendulum she will do something about it

Funnily enough i woke up this morning and saw my wsp group saying that the university administers were already in talks about moving this semester that i´m taking (along others) towards the second half of this year (around September), so idk if it was her but i want to thank her anyway (Thank You Lilith :heart:), of course this isn´t over so idk how the outcome will be

Anyway when i was staring at her sigil i saw purple energy, it was pretty cool seeing that, i like the color purple, after chatting up with her a bit i finished the evokation and i went to sleep

Big Mistake on Sunday

Satania uploaded a video about Satanic Power and because the fool i am, i just did because for the sake of it, for 15 minutes i meditaded, and my third eye was on fire, it really was sensitive when i was playing the video, i finished and after that i didn´t gave much thought about the whole thing

went i went to sleep around 1 am, i started having nightmares, it was horrible, i don´t recall all what happened but it was like a dark entity trying to intimidate me, it was all dark, there was instances i wanted to get the hell out of there but these bad feelings persisted, there was a time when i was in the room, there was shit all over and i was all tense, i think in a way Satan was attacking me in a personal way, he wanted to punish me because i think i was wasting his time during the time i was meditating or because i wasn´t prepared for that satanic meditation i heard before idk, but later on i think i called on Lilith in my dream and the feelings of hopelessness were fading (it was the only time in a dream that wasn´t feeling like shit) but it didn´t last long, thankfully it didn´t last long until i woke up

I first i thought there were rogue spirits attacking me, and i thought about doing the LBRP but after thinking i knew why was this happening, so i talked to Satan, and i apologized him about the stupid thing i did, also i called Lilith for protection, thankfully when i went to sleep, the nightmares didn´t come again

Last night i evoked Qalilitu, i try everytime i evoke to stare at the sigil, sometimes i can see the sigil disappear, sometimes it´s like having a black cloud over the sigil and me trying to see if i can see a symbol or something like that, so these usual things happened before i talked to her

When i talked to her it was the usual stuff but i managed to talk to her more than usual because i had a lot to say and thankully she liked what i was saying, there was a bit of joke here and there and also i asked her to remove any traits of narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy that could emerge in my personality, i have a narc mom so there´s potential i can develop these disorders, thankully she complied but asked something in exchange, my sexual fluids lol, it was the first thing that popped in my mind so that was her request, at first i thought it was just my mind because i tend to be a very sexual person, but it appears that she wanted that, i have no issues with that but i masturbated before doing the evokation so i said to her i will give her in the morning, anyway i really like Qalilitu, this last session speaking with her, was one of the best i had, she makes me really happy, thanks Queen Qalilitu for everything!

recently i read a yt comment saying that she has a playful sexual side so it´s congruent from what i experienced with her, it surprised me because i´ve read she´s one the most blood thirsty and deadliest entities out there (i was a bit nervous because of that the first time i evoked her), but it´s a pleasant surprise

Live reading from VK

Pathworking: Bifrons
Mammon’s Guidance For You: Ace of wands (this is an absolute favorable moment for new creation or new project so proceed quickly and make what you want to happen become real)
Which Spirits Will Help You Achieve Your Goal? (How to seduce/flirt and conquer women): Andromalius, Centaur Chiron, The Three Fates (of greek religion), Ull (viking god)

i got bifrost too, i watch video yesterday, today i saw a card of bifrons in internet, and i come to search some info and i see your post jejeje. he is calling me? i dont know

lol, i don´t know, it´s a big coincidence for me too because i´ve never heard of him before but i´m going to evoke him anyway tommorrow and will ask him if i should work with him

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