Party with the left hand on the astral

The other night I sort of had a party with various figures associated with the left hand on the astral. I’m not really sure what the purpose behind this was aside from getting me to know them better. I was pretty much just sitting around a room with a bunch of unfamiliar people when it occurred to me to ask them their names.

First i turned to a rather laid back guy sitting next to me, he told me his name was Anarchy. “I’m anarchy, I represent the aspect of Anarchy you like” one thing I found out in the past is even things like death seem to have an intelligence behind them so its no surprise Archy would to. Next a blonde girl came over to me and said “And I’m Beelzebub!” She then pulled out a book that has a picture of fangs on its cover before shoving it in my face going “RAAAR!” I got kind of a kick out of that as I always imagined my first out of body meeting with Beelzebub would be a bit more intimidating, but then again the universe tends to unfold in a playful manner when I interact with it, something that even the lord of the flies wasn’t immune to it appears.
Next I turned to a little man who appeared to be a leprachaun. He wouldn’t give me his name but he introduced himself as the aphid collector. I’m still not entirely sure what aphids are symbolic of, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the energy behind money or something along those lines. I then told him “You know I have a way of generating that” I then commended my egregore to create an “aphid” whatever those are. I held out my hand and felt the energy beginning to coelesce in it. No sooner had this happened the little guy snatched it out of my hand and gave me his name. I won’t say it here given that he seemed to be pretty protective of his identity. I will be calling him up tonight to see if my hunch is correct that he’s a spirit associated with wealth of some sort. After this I noticed some people down hill and I sort of used my power to bring one of them there, a red haired girl who introduced herself as my dead aunt May. I didn’t want her to get mixed up with these guys so I sent her on her way. After that the projection ended. I wish I knew who the other people in that room were though, I seem to recall a few others gave their identities but I can’t remember them.

Heh. you sir, are going places!you’ve been “cherry picked”. careful with any deals you cut. :wink: