Partner Rituals

Two brains are better than one they say.

I was surprised to find so few posts on partner rituals.

Ill be posting cool rituals to do with your partner and fellow mage here feel free to do the same.

I wanted a mage partner for awhile and now that I have one I realized I didn’t actually have any rituals in stock to take advantage of my player 2.

So cheers to co-op



Eye contact

Deep eye contact links you with another’s soul. Next time stare deeply into your partners eyes as if nothing else exist. As you do this send them your love and desires. You can flicker between the two eyes or stay on one.


When you guys are playing together make sure to get your third eye involved. See their wings, their crown, their tail, or whatever else is apparent in their godform as you go at it.


Whether the play is rough or smooth. Elements can play a big factor. Fire is lots of movement hot condesnsed stuff. Water is flowing flyid movements usually slow or fluid when fast. Air comes with the breath work and noises, soft inhales to full screams. Earth comes with grounding, cuddling, or held positions.

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Love this! I’ve been looking for rituals to do with my partner & will definitely be following. Thanks for starting this :slight_smile:

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It’s Certainly a great idea. I have spent a lot of time in thought because of this exact issue. I do hope you share so we can all benefit from it but honestly I have two things:

Many of us will never have a practicing occult partner. Many of us lead a single life for most of our life because we connect differently to others. Others will practice in secret for a lifetime while pretending for someone else’s sake to not be living this life.

My boyfriend is curious, he’s interested in hearing what I do and how I do it but he’s only interested in participating in certain types of workings.

The second thing, honestly I think most rituals, spells, servitor creating etc can be adapted to include a partner.

In example my daughter has some extra needs right now because well life sucks in her opinion. Best friend committed suicide last week ( 13 years old), her boyfriend dumped her and her mom is a long wise from home.

I decided to create a servitor to help. To provide some protection, reassurance, absorb negative energy … etc.

I tell the boyfriend and all of a sudden he wants to know to do. How can he help. So I made up a stat sheet with blanks. Some of the answers such as function, and who can summon I already filled in. Others like name, sigil, kill switch are blank. We also plan to breathe life into it together. Shared energy creation.

Honestly … I didn’t even try to google it. I didn’t even think about googling it. I just decided this is how we do it. I’m not the smartest cooking but I am pretty sure it’s good work.

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