Partial possession

Is it possible to do a partial channeling or possession where only my mouth is under the control of an entity and not the rest of my body ?

If so , how do I do that?

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Let go of yourself and allow the experience to be what it will be. Also let go of expectations for any sort of experience. If you do achieve any sort of possession, you don’t need to do anything but let it happen.

What is something you can do without thinking about it? You don’t think about it, you just do it. It is like this.

The less you crave this experience, the easier it is to pull off. If you are concerned about deluding yourself, as you probably should be, let go of this too during the ritual. If something useful comes through, you can know that the demon (or whatever spirit) was with you.


Wad thinking of doing it with RAZIEL who is great to connect with other beings

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I would recommend just channeling a spirit. It is fairly easy to do. The first step is to get into a meditative state. Once there call forth the spirit and keep your mind clear. After that just listen and you might hear them talk to you or at least get the feeling of what they are passing on. I would use a pendulum for yes or no questions.