I have a situation that I need some help with,my parents are extremely religous however I have decided to go the left path I have thought long and hard before joining the left hand path also did some research . My parents will most likely think I am trying to rebel against them. Please give me some advice about how to tell them that I am of the left path.

Sincerely Caleb

well… why do you have to tell them necessarily that it is left hand? you could just tell them that you are involved with ritualism and leave it at that. if they ask for information on it. present them with more christian friendly sources like Isreal Regardie’s “Garden of Pomegrantes”.

And why you have to tell them what you’re doing?Ask yourself honestly.What’s the real motive?Do they need to know it or it’s your need to tell them?
And if you feel that you have to tell them about your choice,make sure is for the right reason and not an ego posturing…Not to sound like an ass here,and i’m not telling you what to do…There’s no reason to make others support your choices.You only need your self

Hide it being saint magic. Get images of Saints and crosses, put spirits in that images that correspond to your path (and the offices of that saint). Done.

Yea no need to tell them. If they find your journals just lie and say you are writing fiction novels or something. If they see candles and incense you could also say its just for yoga practice, decoration, soothing baths etc. And don’t say meditation because some religious fundies think that meditation is the gateway of inviting demonic possession or something…

Sorry to hear about that situation, Caleb.

I echo Euoi’s suggestion of using Saints as that’s what a lot of African, Caribbean, South American, Mexican and other occultists have done to survive persecution.

I’m guessing by this post that you are still living with your parents? In that case you may just want to use that remaining time to focus on yourself and developing your own powers of clairvoyance and such. You can do that without arousing a lot of suspicion and negative attention.

Ultimately you’ll want to be in a place in your life where you can be who you are without any pretense. That’s what the left-hand path is about. So keeping a secret journal of pathworkings towards that kind of goal and work is also advisable.

Thank you to everyone who replied to my post,it was very informative and helped a lot.

Sincerely Caleb

Sure thing Caleb, I wish you the best of luck in that and hope you’ll keep us updated.

Depending how studied they are, few relgious people actually are scholared, you could show them the Actual Origin of not only ‘their god’ and ‘god theory’; but then show them where most of the demons are actually “Gods” who pre-existed thier “God name” by thousands of years.
judeo christianity, is such a profoundly new kid on the block- and only got where it is by “Inventing scriptures; and genocide” every chance they got. just on moral grounds alone- when one looks at them, it is hard not to choose atheism as a higher road.