Parent god

Is there a way to find about who is your personal god whit automatic writing or subcncius power

Yes any form of divination but parent deity and personal deity are two different things. Parent deity is often a belief in Wicca that a deity or deities created your soul specifically or chose to ‘adopt’ you while personal deity is a deity you chose or they chose/Mutually chose to work together similar to a patron deity.

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Thank you how to use subcnciuness to find him i pkaning to use autonatim writing. Is that form of divitation

I imagine thar parent soul creator is havecsone for of cord whit soul if im not mistaken i wishbthere is a way to talk whit my soul to tell me expect automatic writing is there any book on it ??

I mean soul cords

Form of soul cords

Automatic writing ?? Book ?? Where i can find out whicj

Amazon, and various other places that sell books.