If I remember Garlic is protective but ya look it up.
Garlic can help with blood pressure in humans so hanging it might be beneficial too.

Oops missed the blood question sorry!
Ya blood will always make something stronger.


Okay just hoping lol cause I had put my blood on 90 percent of the sigils I made. I mean I only made like 3. One for cash. I found a big bill on the ground two days later. One for courage to do something. Which I did, it worked out fine. The other one was personal, but worked. Didn’t use blood on the courage one.

Maybe I should Hang up more garlic cause someone I care about has problems with blood pressure bad


Ick did you see it in the video or in person?




Well Garlic helps if added to their diet but tell them to see a doc too.


They are. They are on a lot of meds for it already. But of coarse they don’t like to eat anything that will help them out


It’s very common that ppl end up scratch and bitten by negative entities, physically.
I never had something that intense happen to me but I got pulled by my foot and hips off my bed.

I heard ppl raped and bleeding after that.
Definitely not a incubus or sucubus .
Something malevolent and negative Its been described.

Very common shadow beings can hurt ppl physically


I won’t fuck with assholes like them, If they even try to come to me close I will kill them.