So, just to clear stuff. Can parasites latch on to animals also? My coworker told me his horse died today after a run. He showed me a video of his horse before and after. It looked so full of life. And after as it looked to the camera I had a feeling of dread, as if something else was looking, not the horse. Then I got this image of a black thing with creepy eyes.


Of course.
Their like us and we are like them. We all have souls, reincarnate and our own way of ascention.


Thank you so much, I wasn’t 100% sure, but that thing looked creepy AF.


Hiya OP! Parasites can attach to and drain anything that makes their food- machines, animals, plants, even weather and times! When they get to that stage of infestation, they’re really difficult to detach, but it can be done. Strategize for best results! :slight_smile:


Parasites may look scary but they can’t do much exepct taking life.


Wait what? How do I know if my cat has any ?


Pictures and how
They act, they get a different look


Thank you guys, just wanted to make sure I’m not crazy of what I’m


Learn how to feel and see energy and you will feel something in some place that’s how I knew I got one of them.


This son of bitch even sucked energy out of my flower so …


Could I maybe pm you a pic of when he was young and one of now ? I’m confused. Never heard of this before. The idea of him getting hurt or killed does not sit well with me.

I mean he sleeps a lot but he’s a cat. I feel that’s normal. He does stare at nothing and random shit. But that’s abojt it. He eats okay every day but seems skinny


Mmm I heard some people got raped and hurt physically by an infestation of parasites




Unnatural behavior, sickness vets can figure out, stuff like that. If you’re sensitive you’ll feel the icky feeling of something bad around but warding and shielding can work for them same as us.

You can also have Spirits watch out for them.


Sadly I can’t afford the vet bills at the moment. But to me he seems okay other than being a little under weight. I can sometimes sense energy but I can’t control it at all. I’m not sure how to. But I don’t feel anything bad off him. I do have dreams about loosing him a lot outside or something but that’s really it.
I am better at feeling energy in rooms or buildings more so than people or animals. Sometimes people but it’s only ever sadnesss. I don’t know. Sorry if I don’t know what I’m doing here. I sage my house sometimes to keep stuff out


I think they missed being like incubus or succubus.
Hurting physically sounds crazy bad but I think that could do only bigger demon like king if you would anger them they can give warnings.


It’s okay, everyone was new once.
I think there are some shielding techniques here but I use the elements and ask them to protect my family and I. I see each as a dragon but that’s just me, I’ve heard of others who see different kinds of trees too.

For warding I liked making my own sigils and putting them in every window and door of my home, nothing fancy and it helps keep things out.

This banishing ritual works well and is simple too :slight_smile:
You get a warm bowl of water, mix salt or sea salt in it and focus your energy into it, then you flick small amounts around your home. Hit windows, walls, doors, floors and if possible make sure to hit all corners where walls meet.
I have things I say but you can just think of anything you didn’t invite being forced out.

This one’s from an EA video.


I also have a little charm attached to my boy’s collar, not big enough to bother him or have him chew off.


Thanks :woman_genie:️:woman_genie:️
I have made my own chaos sigils before. They all worked. Never thought of making ones for protection. Good idea I’ll do that tonight.
Prob a rookie question but if I add my blood on my sigils I make does that make them stronger? I have some crystals I put in corners of my room and house also.
My old roommate hung up a bag of garlic cloves above our front door? Idk what that means ? I took it down when she left. I’ll need to google that.
Im gonna message you a question if that’s ok


No worries :slight_smile:

If you’re interested maybe @Lady_Eva wouldn’t mind sending you the Core Shamanism beginner stuff she has?