Okay, I’ve posted a few topics mentioning my struggles with food. I did a banishing for the parasites on Thursday. I did feel more relieved at the time, but on Friday I felt sick. (Face burning up, almost felt like a fever was starting).

I had an experience with Azazel last night (I hope it was him, still a newbie to this), and I saw myself in white light after he pointed out that I had parasites. I don’t know what the white light means. Unfortunately, I fell asleep straight after when the light was going.

Today, it seems that I’m getting worse. Something that I was always told growing up was that things usually get worse before they get better. Could that be what is happening here?

I just feel like a disappointment and I feel as though I’m wasting Azazel’s time. I know I will likely have to play a part in getting rid of the parasites. It feels like mental torment at the moment. It seems like I can’t get my act together.

What are your experiences with parasites? How long did it take for them to go?


This was my experience with Azazel and Parasites. You’re not wasting his time. He understands you’re having a hard time.

Sorry it’s a little long. You can try to skim over the beginning parts.

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Your story was amazing but also sad at the same time. I’m sorry that you had to go through so much

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Aw thank you Becca. No need to be sorry though. I wouldn’t change a bit of it. Azazel is known as “the liberator”. Hes good at what he does so I know he’ll help you get over this rough patch.

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I know, it’ll probably take some time. I just feel like I’m wasting his time because my head is everywhere at the moment. I’m not with it whatsoever. Hopefully it’ll pass, just need hope

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You got this shit b! :heart::heart::heart::heart: believe in yourself!
Rooting for you.

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Look into starting a daily banishing practice. Most rituals like the lbrp and Lesser invocation ritual of the pentagram are done to empower the aura in specific ways that essentially repels or attracts forces of a specific kind like elemental or planetary or any forces that are not working with your to grow physically,spiritually, emotionally ect.

The thing is once you begin you really wanna work on maintaining it, and then looking into a cleasning routine for you and your living space if you can. I have one a do biweekly and another i do monthly.

Just got done giving my place the once over and i could feel the energetic toxics shifting around the place tryin to relocate as i went room to room. :laughing: which is why i include a smudging session with the windows open while commanding any entites and forces not working for the benifit of me and mine to DEPART.


The reason you want to have a regular practice is cause when you start preforming magick regularly Things take notice cause you are exerting power and it is like thrown up a spot light at midnight. The banishing rituals are kinda l like building a ring of fire around said searchlight.


Easy method, do a full banish, then cleanse house/yourself. Take a shower and throw in some olive oil + salt.