Parasites or energy buildup from rituals?

The house was feeling sludgy in energy and one room in particular was worse, with a feeling of depression and heaviness and a feeling that something was there.

It made me feel drowsy and ‘different’ energy wise. It was an atmosphere like something or someone was going to speak any moment. This came on suddenly a couple of days ago.

I saged the entire house for an hour and it feels lighter and cleaner. Is this a sign of a parasite infestation or just a build up from insufficient cleansing?

They tend to go hand in hand. I recommend some banishing rituals in addition to the sage.

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I will have a look for banishing rituals besides the LBP. Thank you.

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That one works just fine. If you have a problem with the angelic symbology you can replace them with the elemental kings instead to much the same effect.

Another option if you are good at directing energy directly is just to fill the house with cleansing vital energy.

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I have no problem with Angels, I just cleansed with Michael the Arc angel. I will do the LBRP and the Solar one too and some Frankincense for good measure.

I wonder what was there to make everyone feels so sick and anxious? horrible thick energy. I suppose it happens . I need to up my cleansing. Thank you

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