Parasite removal process

So about 20 days ago it was braught to my attention that I have a parasite attached to me.

After much searching and reading I’ve managed to develop a series of rituals to banish it but I’m still left with the psychological harm it’s cause during its stay.

As for the ritual ive incorporated banishings from Damon Brand - Magikal Protection, and Ben Woodcrafts - Angelic Protection Magic

These are the banishings I use in order:

•The sword Banish
•The master Protection ritual
•The circle banishing
•The Illumination
•Removal of attachments and entities
•Removal of parasitic beings
•ritual to cleanse my room and house

And then to end of It I Chant the following mantras from this article given to us from Archangel Michael

Help me banish - #19 by scalarshot.