Parasite question

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A member was haunted by a spirit she also said: Possibly a parasite from Belial. But its still unclear. Whatever it was, it hasn’t fucked with me since

could you please tell about parasite from belial? is this common for belial or a other spirits to send a parasite?
i want to evoke the venerable King Paimon, if i do the LBRP before and after is that good?


May have been a test of sorts. I’ve never had a problem with parasites from him.

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I’ve had Belial protect me from a parasite, but no entity has given me one.
All the parasites I’ve encountered were free agents or wildlife, not acting in a coordinated way.


when you evoked King Belial for the first time did he screamed at you? i heared King Belial did that by Poke ruyon

No nobody has screamed at me :slight_smile:
I think they get that if they want to work with me, they’d do well to keep a civil tongue in thier heads… and they all want to work with all of us.

Stand in your power, and take no shit.


Never had any parasites thanks to the lovely Spirits I work with protecting me and keeping them at bay. They have told me many times that curious spirits and parasites of sorts were around me since little (I had a few terrifying experiences when I was younger, though now I realize I shouldn’t have been afraid), but they keep them away.
Luckily I have had no negative experiences in general.


¨Ahh, i’ve seen that as well, it was Belial, i know because he brought it up one night without me asking him about it. Also it fits his modus operandi for general first greetings. Well, some people just don’t get the joke, what can you do? :man_shrugging:¨

All can be dangerous just like all people can be, as @Jastiv said, can depend mostly on the individual’s own internal workings and preconceptions.

I don’t know where he got this from tbh… and I can’t say it’s backed up by the anecdotal evidence here on BALG.
Belial is a very popular entity that is commonly talked about on this forum, by new people and experienced, and I really don’t recall anyone else saying he was rude or overly aggressive on a first contact.

Maybe I just didn’t notice because I don’t really have the spoons to read the wall-o-text xp posts. :woman_shrugging:
Have you noticed a lot of other people reporting being screamed at by Belial here or elsewhere?

Otherwise, one persons opinion doesn’t make something true.


Belial like anyone will treat people differently from others, my first etheric meeting him he tried to manhandle me but that didn’t turn out well. However, we are on good terms still. Although, I’ve never heard of a parasite being sent by him, it’s still in the realm of possibility but it could also be that the evocation attracted a parasite as well.


what type of manhandle ? how you reacted to counter it ?

It can depend on how you approach him. I had Eris assist me in making first contact, and goddess bless she is the best at making a good impression (when she wants).

If she hadnt shown me the way to make him give me the “wtf i guess face” the first time I really met him, based off what I know of his energy, he may have appeared angry or aggressive. He certainly does enjoy a fight, it doesnt mean he is trying to hurt or kill though.


When you project to their plane your energy body adjust to the density so you’re pretty “physical” to them and he literally grabbed my arm in the projection/manhandled. I reacted by shoving him off me and telling him watch himself. I don’t like being made to do something.


The question is why would Belial want to harm that person

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we are not talking about evocation here? since you said project to there plane was that by use of a black mirror or sigil ?

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Neither by just projecting to the etheric plane. I am a direct energy worker, basically I don’t need or use tools just my own energy and energy body.


Could you give me links or book names where i can learn about this technique?

thank you

What technique?

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energy work to project to realms

No, they don’t bring parasites, but with certain demons the parasites just seem to be attracted to the particular rituals you do with them, but I’ve never had one slip in with Belial.

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can you please name the demons and which type of rituals you talk about. i m new in this and i dont want accidents

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