Paranormal games for dimensional travel

So,I once read about some paranormal games on Reddit.
The posters that claim to have played the games experience something that may sound like different dimensions or parellel universe.
We can take examples as elevator ritual,hooded man.

If I consider the posters to be truthful,I think this has something to do with soul travel.

However,the players were very immature in paranormal or spiritual matters.

To me,these seem to utter crap as these spiritual tour can only be achieved by consistent spiritual upliftment which Ive been known to be hard even for some experienced does one on earth can achieve this by a ritual which they have done without any possible prior magick practice.

However,As you all have immense experience in paranormal matters,I would like to hear your wise opinions about this,do they seem truthful to you,if yes,how do you explain this?

Any experience also will be appreciated

Not gonna lie, I’m actually interested in trying those games. Especially the Elevator Game.

Oh sure, they could be fake, but they sound like fun. To me.

EDIT: I feel that a bunch of the people who did it “wrong” may just be faking their horrible results to scare people. Creepypasta is a popular past time after all.

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Hooded man sounds a bit legit to be true…can be lucid dreaming…

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I’m interested in this game:
I just happened upon some pictures and info on this. Now normally I don’t look into occult stuff but while looking up 3D chess and the game from andromeda tv series (probably a 3D chess variant) I came across something called THE STAR GAME.

Some of the lore/rules

Supposedly it’s still played some but seems more collectible.

This would make a good app game for multiplayer imho.

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