Paranormal equipment

Has anyone considered using the so called “ghost hunting equipment” (spirit box, EVP recorder, EMF meters, etc.) and incorporate it with your communications with the entities? What are your thoughts on this?

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If you do a search of the forum, you will find some older threads that talk about this exact subject.

I plan to record audio from the laptop’s internal mic with Audacity during some of my evocations (would it be effective?)


I’m not sure it probably would. I myself prefer to use the so called “professional” equipment because that is what they were made for IMO. But use what you have and please share your findings.

Frater xavier from the mind and magic youtube channel was exploring this a bit and ended up in touch with the dead, least that is the feel of it. Though it appears the amount of energy involved may have been underestimated. He ended up with double pneumonia soon after.

Though with the correct set up to work with a specific entity it may be of use, then again the spirit/s could just decide to fuck with the person for fun.

It is unknown if the illness was a direct result of the spirit box experiment.

Maybe maybe not. In anything dealing with entities there are rules (and respect) that must be followed like with Ouija boards. Or there’s a bad spirit. Mind you I did not see this video.

OK I just finished watching his videos. He is very informative. It may be just a coincidence that he got sick afterwards.

Entirely possible

In his video he mentions the possibilities of it being a bad spirit or someone cursing him.

Yeah from the sound of it alot of people dont like him putting out some of the info in his channel. Defiling sacred cows for certain people and all.
The norm with sharing what you have learned in practicing the arts.

True there are those that don’t want us to have true power and they will do anything to stop us.

One word: Lazy. The true sorcerer need not rely on any other, but themselves and the Spirits. “Ghost hunting equipment” will only make you grow complacent and less focused on true evocation.

There are some for what ever reason other than the lack of trying or as you put it being lazy can’t hear and in some cases see entities. So if there’s something/anything that can help in that regard why dismiss it?

Because it won’t help the development of your abilities. Evocation is about more than just making contact with the Spirits. It is about having them INSIDE of you. Even if you can’t see them at least work towards becoming one with them. Invocation should be doable no matter how blind your third eye is. You can even get possessed without being able to see the Spirits. Using machines like this takes away almost the entire point of evocation. [quote=“DragonPhoenix777, post:15, topic:17197”]
There are some for what ever reason other than the lack of trying or as you put it being lazy can’t hear and in some cases see entities.
I myself find it hard. I’ve been making progress though. Their are means and ways. Their are methods that have worked for me. I truly do believe that anyone can make genuine contact. My experience proves that.

With Evocative I have to agree. I have reservations about the third eye being blind, in my research and I may be wrong but have an open third eye helps in seeing into that dimension? Agree or disagree?

Agreed, but also in many Middle Eastern traditions you DON’T have to see them to work with them. It won’t affect your ability to communicate once they are truly inside of you. Once you are possessed I doubt their would be any serious impediment to communication. I can hear them quite clearly in deep invocation despite not being able to see them.

True. But what if it’s a spirit that wish you harm? What’s s to say that the spirit realizes that a person cannot see or hear to stop them from taking advantage of that person? It would be one messy situation to get possessed by that spirit.

@DragonPhoenix777 Not a problem for me. Their’s a trust there. I am there’s for I know they will not harm me. Also you don’t need to see them to banish them either if it’s some sort of malevolent entity.