Paranormal Activity

So in my experiences heavy evocation leads to some fun paranormal activity in my place of residence. I wanted to share a story that recently happened to me and I would like to hear some of ya’lls stories.

The following is an excerpt from my journal.

On a lighter note my wife is beginning to notice some poltergeist activity around the house. She is very much an atheist and has told that, while she loves me, she thinks that I am nuts for believing in any of this “silly stuff”. I have turned one of the rooms in our apartment into my temple and the only permanent fixture is my ancestral altar, the room was never intended to be off limits to anyone (wife and two dogs). During a session with my ancestors they asked me to not leave the dogs alone in the room as they tend to pull at the cloth on the alter, poop on the carpet, and just get into trouble. No problem, easy enough. I asked my wife to keep an eye on the dogs as I was going to run to the store. She didn’t and when I got home I was greeted with the story of how one of the dogs flew out of the room as if he was kicked in the butt. I laughed and asked her if he could have just been running out of the room, but she is convinced that he was kicked. She now calls my temple room the “scary ghost room”.

I thought it was funny that the magician is trying to find a non spiritual answer and the atheist is insisting that the “supernatural” exists.

So what activity have any of you noticed?

The only thing I might notice were noises at night, buuuuut, could be birds, so not sure about this.

Things dissapeared/reappeared at home, that’s for sure from time to time

What is not normal is involving persons who deeply do not believe in these things, in your magical doings. You oughta know that they may suffer from it, so do you.

All the rest is pretty normal, when you deal with human spirits.

A lot of mine happens in conjunction with my ancestor work. They like to “play”.