Paranormal Activity...?

So let me give a bit of background beforehand, otherwise this might seem trivial (which it might be, but I digress). My mom passed last month on the 24th. And we bought her birthday balloons on the 20th of that month because it was her birthday. Anyway, after she passed, I took her flowers and ballons home with me. The flowers rotted as normal, but the balloons (which are helium, by the way) have been inflated ever since I brought them back. They have slowly deflated but less than what I’m used to. So a few nights after I bring them home, I have them by my dresser. I wake up and they right by my bed. No big deal, right? So i move them back to my dresser, wake up again and they’re right by my bed. So not trying to get my hopes up or anything, I put the balloons by the other side of the dresser further away from the bed. Again I go to sleep and they’re by the foot of my bed by morning. So the balloons eventually drift back by my bed and stay there because I don’t feel like moving them anymore. They stayed there for about a week before they end up caught in my fan. I cut the long strings off and my fan is ruined now so I get one that barely blows any air but keeps me a little cool if I sit next to it. Now here’s where things get pretty weird. So there are two balloons both of which say happy birthday. They were both staying together until a few days ago. Now one stays by the bed and the other one travels around the room. I went in my room the other night and I could’ve sworn I saw my curtain moving like there was a slight breeze on it, but my fan can barely cool me off so I know it’s not blowing strong enough to move a thick curtain. And I had to tie the other balloon down because it started traveling outside of my room today while my brother was over. Also, not sure if this is paranormal or not, but I burned a petition last night and the glass that contained my candle cracked. To be fair I was being reckless and I burned the petition directly on the candle so that was probably a natural occurrence. But I also saw white sparks and the flame was surprisingly very self-contained. So Idk what’s going on. I just thought I’d share and get some opinions on these “happenings”.

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Any thoughts on this?

First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. Growing up, there were numerous deaths in my extended family; my grandmother, cousin, etc. Some of the events I witnessed were very similar to what you described. For my grandmother, a broken music box that hadn’t played in years began to play. For my cousin, a game he loved switched on and began playing by itself. In each case, its like the spirit wanted to let their family know that they were ok. I know you said you don’t want to get your hopes up, but if your intuition is telling you that it could be your mother giving you a sign, trust it.


Wow thank you for sharing this with me. I do think it’s her trying to say something. Maybe she’s trying to wish me a happy birthday since mine is coming up and it’ll be the first one where she can’t call me or text me happy birthday.

No problem! That could very well be what she’s trying to tell you :slight_smile:

I’ve had balloons move like that once they start deflating

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That could be a logical explanation. But it doesn’t explain the other one being completely stationary while the other roams around like it’s checking out the place lol. But maybe that one is deflating faster.