Paranormal activity in my room

Before you would like to give an explanation, please look at the picture attached first…
This started one month ago, when in this particular spot of that desk i had a ring with a stone on it. As i was just watching videos in YouTube (not with magic ) this ring started moving back and forth. I was soked in the start but after i thought that maybe i placed it in a way that just “fell” to its other side.
10 days later, in the same spot, i had a pen and i heard a noise. Didnt see the move, but heard it.
Now, yesterday i had this toothpaste on that desk, and out of nowhere, it vibrated!! It moved back and forth, for some seconds, like it would have happened only from an earthquake 6R or by a hand!!!
Ps I haven’t called or evoked any spirit recently. Only Lucifer but a looong Time ago.
Whaaat is going on!!!

I think you nailed it with ‘paranormal activity’ :slight_smile:

As a novice, you could still easily use a pendulum to try to communicate with whatever you’ve attracted. I don’t see any language in your post that implied you’re alarmed, which leads me to think your intuition isn’t ringing any alarm bells. So so far, this might be friendly, and it’s worth investigating.

You should start learning banishing and cleansing techniques in the case that you might need them soon.

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Maybe a spirit is signaling you that he wants you to drop the bass!!! I see them pioneers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Βelieve me, i slept 6am because i couldn’t calm my self snd i just started saying the Christian prays in greek in repeat :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t know what is it, but it appears often as it seems and i don’t understand why its coming fron the monent im not calling anyone?! :face_with_monocle:🤷

Hahaha i was playing before!:stuck_out_tongue: And singing… I have universal fans as it seems :joy:

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It may be paranormal activity, yes…

But if only happens in THAT specific spot there may be a mundae reason for it. Sometimes, an unbalanced piece of furniture in the right spot can canalize vibrations that originate in the street and resonate in a building’s wall.

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I really wish you were right…
But this desk is stable, the room is in the first floor in a quiet neighborhood and the only noise from the streets at 2am, is cats walking around :roll_eyes:

Why so? If you’re doing magick you shouldn’t mind when stuff happens. Is not like you were attacked. If it becomes a problem, you can banish.

Im not practicing at the moment. Lets say im in a break/ waiting see results. Last time was one month ago, and in the living room not even in my room to avoid this kind of issues :joy:

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@Maulbeere @Maulbeere @Samael-Azazel
Do you believe it could be Lucifer…? Or he would never behave like that if he would like to show up…?!

I mean, did you call Lucifer? Have you have any other synchronicities or signs letting you know Lucifer specifically wanted you to get in touch?

@Maulbeere I called him one month ago with sny sign of appearance back then. And no i couldn’t say i have signs to contact him, just by interest of what i have read here about him…and i would like to contact with him, but after this i dont see myself trying something again :pensive:

If i would feel an energy, the appearance of him during the evocation, in which i would be mentally prepared and alarmed to feel something, it would be okay.
But if something is visiting me by on its own initiation, causing movements in the objects its scaaary, isn’t it :flushed:

When in doubt about an entity’s identity or intentions, just banish and cleanse, recenter yourself and take care of your energy first. You can always re-summon specific daemonic entities you wish to be in contact with.

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Thank you ! I will search here for cleansing techniques :dizzy::dizzy:
Don’t wanna rude visitors coming again :stuck_out_tongue:

Every so often me and my mother have paranormal activity in our house, has happened for 14 years. It does something like open a cupboard in the kitchen, to switching the oven on, then it stops. Remains dormant for a while and happens again, then repeats.

Could be a trickster spirit if you haven’t evoked recently or had signs so just do a cleansing or banishing :slight_smile:

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@Becca Oh wow hahaa what are they doing?! They can be really playful sometimes :joy:

Not a clue. Being weird is my guess. We’ve just attracted a lower level entity I guess. But it hasn’t caused us harm so we left it be.

We play it at its own game by ignoring it. Some may not like that but it works for us. Or if the cupboard opens, we say “There’s no food in there for ya!”

Whaaaaa hahahaa okay thats Hilarious :laughing: