Parallel Life?

Hello everyone, I just wanna ask a short question that maybe someone found and answer for.

Last night I dreamed about things which I haven’t dreamed for 2 years, nothing special it was that “I bought a few apartments and there were a few codes to the main gate from the street, this was the dream 2 years ago”.

Today in my dream somehow I entered that level where this knowledge was on, so like I dream very similar things every day where this past dream that I bought a few apartments could take place, but it never did.

And the reason I’m writing this post because I’m my dream when I went to one of those apartments, in my dream I said “well, they renovated elevator since I’ve not been here For 2 years now” and when I woke up I felt this was one of the deepest moment ever, like this was the first time that two dreams toke place at the same (non existing) place and could refer time to each other.

Is there an explanation for a thing like this?

Yes. You were dreaming.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, mate.


One is that you were viewing another of your incarnations, either because you are simultaneously incarnated as some are. Or, you could seeing a version of the universe where you made different decisions at critical points - this is the same incarnation as you have now, in a different possibility.

I do the latter from time to time and find myself watching a version of me that never expatriated to the US, which is why I know about it. I’ve seen I think maybe one other person mentioning they do this here on BLAG as well, but I can’t remember who it was. You’re not mad, it’s a thing. :slight_smile:


It’s a really interesting point of view, but sometimes in these recirculating dreams I both see my current life and these alternatives

For example if like in this dream I would go to these “weird” apartments to my car that I really own in my life.


In that case, it’s probably just like Rey said.

These sound more like symbolic representations of something else, perhaps areas of your life or subjects of study, and this is your mind processing changes in those areas.

Yo bro. How does one jump timelines though

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Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher?

In all seriousness, wish I knew the answer. Though when I see them they don’t look too good.

Not sure really.
I have at least one theory, that it happens when your vibrations match better with another timeline than the one you’re in. The timeline jump is between versions so similar you may not notice anything until you notice the changes.

If this is true, this offers one mechanism for manifesting magick - you align your energy completely to a version of the multiverse where your desired manifestation already exists, and this moves you into it.

It also explains why manifestation can take time for big changes, as you might need to transition through multiple variations to get there - kind of like being on a 6 lane highway, and needing to change from the outside lane to the inside means changing lanes 5 times. It’s 5 times the time and effort.


I did by mistake once, but only in the astral plane (more mental plane really, since I was still in my body). I was about to dump some astral implants that the keeps getting put into me, into the Sun, but I visualized it looking like magma instead of white light, so I ended up in a timeline where it looked like this. As I was dumping my crap I noticed that it stayed on the floor. But what floor? So when I looked around I saw that I was in a spaceship above the Sun and then the “captain” started talking to me but I could not hear anything. He looked like one of the pirate captains out of a Depp movie with tentacles for a beard and I acted like I was drunk and started fondling his beard. Then I destroyed the ship and every other ship in his fleet and dumped them into the Sun.

So, later a super psychic healer friend told me that I had accidentally hopped into another timeline and the captain (who was apparently parent to the djinn) tried to stop me because they wanted to keep that timeline free from astral crap. I got the feeling that the Earth there was in a much earlier stage too, like before dinos and just as lava was still cooling and life just beginning.

We have different ages in every timeline and every timeline has gazillions of parallels where we have the same age but details differ. Parallels arises all the time, some strong that lives and some weak that soon dies. Sometimes our consciousness focus shifts from one timeline to another and if we are developed enough we remember stuff from the previous parallel. This can be quite confusing. For example if something that has always been the same your whole life suddenly is different.

I have seen this guy with tentacle beard. Mine had military like clothing and deep black eyes

To be fair with you mate, i think most people do, yet can’t remember it. When I sleep, and I’m awake, they are both life’s to me, different states same shit! I suffer from deja vu, very frequently, mad part is ,even tho I know the outcome of an event, like a play before me. You can’t change it, it’s like the universe already has it mapped out.

Another thing I have found, is when I end up going to a different place, work etc .and I feel like I know that place? Which I do, but not in the present moment, like a time delayed past/present thing. All rolled into one… lol. People don’t change tho, like same person I’m talking bro in the present moment, is the same person ive talked to in the past! It always ends up in the same question they ask…do I know you? I’m sure we have met before? Felt like I’ve known you for years…etc…