Paracelsus Quote On The Determined Will

  • Paracelsus

I think the lack of belief, especially, is majorly important, and is why the “pass/fail” concept is harmful.

This is why there are so very few actual magicians in the world. Those who are new to the occult are not aware that you must start out with no concrete evidence other than unbreakable belief. There are no books on the market that explain that it takes constant devotion and magickal working before you start to feel or see any results. Eric is the only person I know of that has actually mentioned this. The other authors talk about such great results, visual manifestations, feelings, etc. like it comes naturally to everyone, they do not tell beginners that these experiences will come later as you adapt and train your mind to perceive them.

So, many beginners delve into this expecting immediate earth shaking results and when they do occur right away they reaffirm in their mind, maybe this really is bullshit, and they give up. Only a true magician will accept that there is power out there and that he is only unable to feel it because he is an untrained beginner. The real magicians do not allow the doubt to settle in, they recall dozens of stories they have read from other magicians about their experiences and believe, if I keep on pressing thru, eventually I just know I too can achieve these results. It is that insanely strong desire to excel and the refusal to accept a mundane unchangeable reality that separates the true magicians from the wannabes. It reminds me of what Timothy is always talking about (paraphrasing in my own words), how only the courageous, fearless, and strong minded can be black magicians because it is the hardest path to walk.

You can have all the beliefs in the world, but if you lack the acknowledges of the results in front of you, it won’t matter much in the long run. You start with beliefs, and develop through acknowledgement. This is, as I see it, applicable to the spirits you work with, too, by acknowledging you.

I’m not into the “ego” aspect of development and magic, because that will never work with the kind of spirits I have by my side. It is an effort of teamwork, where all involved will benefit from the results any of us gets through experiences of life.

Interesting. I think there is something hidden that can be tapped into because I can be totally out of wack and undisciplined loser for ling periods of time and then one night out of the blue a whole different personality will just suddenly take over like im in autopilot and Ill do burpees and make tea with mint frim the backyard and do a ritual and have lucid dreams all just out of nowhere. I know there is definitely something genetic there but I dont know if its just that or like a Higher Will taking over briefly. Its pretty trippy because my senses are sharpened and my energy level spikes up dramatically and I have yet to find any logical explanation…

Belief alone can work wonders, its obvious - if you are positive you will do positive, and you will be healthy - so believing, even subconsciously is bringing you reality.