Papa legba vs met kalfu

Ok so i understand there the same just rada and petro aspects of antibon legba but my question is for those who know met kalfu more.

Is there a limit to what met kalfu will not do. Im asking about manifesting anything in your life. As i see legba as a teacher of moral ethics neither good nor bad but im really becoming obsessed with the darker side of “the tree” so im wondering if anyone has extensive notes on met kalfu that would be awesome sauce. As i dont really feel like working with legba because quite honestly everything i have asked legba has fallen through and not manifested so im a bit pissed. Im in search of REAL RAW UNHINGED STRENGTH AND POWER and met kalfu has been in my thoughts everytime i try to evoke the lwa

I don’t know if my response will help you. I have not work with Met Kalfu. I hope I can shed some light for you.

Legba/Elegua has many paths, one of them being a bit of a trickster, playing practical jokes, in a harmless, kind of way. In my experience it has to do with offerings and how your reaching out to him, maybe even what’s currently going on in your life.

I will share experiences with him I had myself.

I had an altar set up to him, I added a lot of toys and candy, I would ask for help with this and that. Oddly enough, he didn’t come through, when I asked an elder he told me to remove the toys and candy and give him green tomatoes, with plam oil, the usual rum and a cigar. Boom! My path was open, then I gave him his toys and candy.

That’s just one of my personal experiences with him. You can light a seven day candle for him, smear a bit of plam oil on top, place a glass of cold water in front of it (always try to fire proof that area, use sand, etc. just in case things heat up) most online curio shops sell candles for him and ask him to tell you in a dream why he’s jesting with you, you will get your answer.

Tricks Legba played on me, I walked into a mens bathroom used it and didn’t realize it, till I was walking out. When I walked in there was no urinals. While looking for parking in a parking garage at an airport all the lights where green and I was going the wrong way. I was on my way to consult within my House. Things like that, classic Legba. At those times in my life, I needed to lighten up, I was so serious about my life I was not enjoying myself. The people in that house of Saints, were leading me, literally, “the wrong way”. With the men’s bathroom, now I literally do all the chores my husband can’t do, cause of his illness. I do both roles in my home, the housework and taking the trash out, etc. Those messages from him took weeks to years to manifest, so you may want to journal your experiences with him. You will see it, the guidance under a ruse, so to speak.

I think there’s a message there for you, with your experiences with him. I know it can been frustrating at times, in what regard to what, I don’t know but I sincerely hope he guides you on your path.

I have had those aha moments with him plenty of times.

I hope that helps! I wish you well on your path.


Legba hasnt ayed tricks on me…yet , and i was asking about met kalfu

Sometimes there’s a reason a spirit will not do what you ask it.

I would definitely ask Papa Legba for the reason behind this, don’t simply brush it off and find a way to achieve your ends .

Ascent is all about learning and growing and struggling and being frustrated and sometimes not knowing what’s going on, but when you find out later it will all add up.

Maybe what you’re asking for will it benefit you in the long run. I would say Papa Legba is not really hung up on morality but is a calculated person who doesn’t do hinge senselessly and without reason.

I would strongly urge you to ask Legba WHY he hasn’t done what you ask and find out the reason.

On the other hand as I don’t want to limit you and tell you what you can and cannot do I’ll answer your question.

Yes Met Kalfu has no limits to what he will do

He will do whatever is asked whether or not that will benefit you at all. He is a very dark being to work with. In traditional public vodun rituals whenever Met Kalfu comes into a ceremony everyone remains silent.

His darkness is alluring and he can teach some very wicked good things about dark sorcery but I will tell you to be careful if you decide to work with him.

He will not coddle you or save you from yourself, however that said, he’s awesome to work with once you’re ready and patient, has a dark wicked sense of humor too so be prepared for that and don’t later ask yourself what you got into.

Approach this loa with the same wariness and respect you would any dark being, Kalfu has his own agenda, be open minded while working with him and you will gain a powerful ally


Do you mind elaborating on his dark wicked sense of humor? Curious of your experiences.

@Aluriel I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems that Met Kalfu doesn’t really ask for many offerings aside from the occasional animal or blood. He seems to be like a demon, in that he enjoys his work and it’s almost like that’s it’s own form of reward for him.


I would agree, he loves to see his dark gnosis implemented by other magicians.

I’m in no way opposed to working with him, I just want to make sure that people are going to work with him for the right reasons.

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