Papa legba - ritualistic music

I have worked in the current Vodoun for sometime now, I have a fondness for the loa " Papa Legba ".

I was drawn to a YouTube video were it is ritual music that can be used to work with legba.

Music is a very powerful thing after all, it is a huge tool in African and Vodoun practices.

Above is the link to the video, my experiences with this music and contacting him was amazing, the trance was deepened and the connection I had to him was amazing I’d recommend this highly.


I use this music sometimes in my trance working too :slight_smile: it’s really good


How’s it been going so far?

Well i don’t know,
for me this always works to connect to the current. xD

You know,
to me it just really well holds this:

I just do shit!

of making change happen!! (now)!