Papa L

Ello everyone, just wanted to share a quick experience that happened today…I was recently in New Orleans visiting a friend who is an experienced Haitian Vodoun practitioner. Anyhoo he made me a Papa Legba veve necklace. I was working today thinking " I wonder if I rub some of my blood on the veve will it create a stronger connection?" Not even 10 minitues later I cut the sshhiittt out of my finger. Coincidence? Maybe… either way I had more than enough blood to rub on it and since then it has felt like the veve has become “heavier” is the only way I can rly explain it. Just thought I would share.

PS my goddamn finger is still bleeding and I just changed the bandage on it.

I was going to say yes to that, lol…but, on another or similar note, I had received a protective talisman from a priestess of Hecate, and had the urge to cut my flesh to charge it with my blood…which I did, making three marks, and I didn’t realize I had done that until after the fact…lol…some things are just not “coincidence”…

I try to be an analytical, rational person…but somethings are more than coincidence. I’m a major Hecate fan, would love to see that amulet sometime soon!

So you’re saying that a charged veve is only “brain masturbation”?

You weren’t clear as to what you were referring to exactly. Thanks for the tidbit though.