Pantheons of Damnation

Dear Balg,

here’s a brief overview of merely dark places,
which are various versions of Damnation from different faith Systems.

One of the reasons why i denied “Hyrachie of Hell” as it’s understanding based on Political Structures in Earth;

Note that this is shared for mere Edjucation,
not to fuel fear and illusion,
but merely to delute,
and make you aware of your own Capabilities to choose,
and seek out other Worlds,
Kingdoms and creations.

Also Note those Hell’s from Religions like Buddhism,
which claim the denial of Existance of any Soul,
“All things are Quong.”
While depending on which teacher instruct’s you,
the beliefs into their pantheons may be woven into your Conciousness,
without you even noticing.

Have a blessed Ascention.