Panda bear

I have a good friend who is really obsessed with her ex and he giving to her gift of a panda bear to her birthday and when she is near the bear she always thinks of him and when she is away from home she feels happy, is there a connection to the bear ? and what can she do to stop being obsessed with him?

Burn the bear…


If he gave it to her, wouldn’t it be a reminder of him? It doesn’t have to be magic for that to work. If she’s obsessed with him, he likely doesn’t need to do anything.

Maybe a cord cutting is something you can do, if you want get more at the root. If you’re going to dispose of the bear, well, best she doesn’t figure it out or you may lose a friend.


was the bear given to your friend while they were together or after they broke up?

while they were together.

What do you mean lose a friend?

Because she may get exceptionally pissed off that you destroyed something she cares about.

Ah, then it is likely due to it just being a reminder of him.