Pan visited me

Pan just appeared in one of my dreams. I was having sex in a forest with someone, (this man has appeared year long in all my oracles and he lives across country. I meet him in less than a month), and a lot of earthy/forest energy and nymphs were present. The forest was very green, full of fauna, the most beautiful forest. Pan played music in the background and watched. What do you think it means for him to appear?


Well what do you think?
He wanted to enjoy the views.


Well you were in a dreamer up aspect of his domain: nature, he is a deity who is heavy in sexual energy, and he could also be trying to reach out or waiting for you to. There’s a few meaning.


That’s interesting. Based on your descriptions, it could tie into the level of passion regarding this other person you were with. Pan is drawn to extreme pleasure and revelry.

Also, in many legends and myths, Pan would often accompany Dionysus wherever he would go (or Dionysus would appear in disguise as Pan). It could be the little (literally) horny fellow was taping or recording the proceedings for Dionysus to view later (purely for scientific reasons of course :sunglasses:) or maybe Dionysus was hiding in the trees watching too? :peanuts::chipmunk:

Here’s some more info on Dionysus you might find interesting. It’s pretty wordy but might have some deeper details on why they might appear or help you make sense of it.

Maybe you have to join the masonry or ordo templis orientis. They are both favoured by the great God Pan

Could you please do an introduction next? It is a rule of this forum and applies for all new members.

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Reminds me of pied piper

Masonry is not in any way favourd by the god Pan.

Many american masonic lodges are even dry and none of their rituals are done outside.

So you have no idea about the rituals or probably you are in some new order :flushed:
The Great God Pan is of course present in the masonry even if the simple and lower levels don’t know it or don’t understand the rituals. Besides that in the masonry you can adore who and what you want, there are even muslims and christians not only satanists or pagan