Pamierlyja Božyšča (Slavic Death Deities)


I am slav and I know only Baba Yaga :confused: asi moc neznám slovenskou mytologii :smiley:


Hah Yaga is the best :blush: … potrebuješ sa viac do toho ponoriť je veľa starých kníh o tom a aj poslovensky je celkom prijatelne mnozstvo informácii :grimacing:


For the start you can find some basic information in Slovanská magie by Jozef Karika. This book is in Czech or in Slovak but I guess you speak those languages :-). Text is available online.
Takže ještě někdo další z české kotliny?


I’m glad someone is posting about this! I look forward to reading your experiences and rites!


Ohhh thanks… I will post more of them ! :fire:


Thank you for your kind words and work you put in about Slavic deities.
Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina :raising_hand_woman:


Thank you for your beautiful reply my friend :wine_glass::fire:
Greetings from Slovakia :wine_glass: