Pamierlyja Božyšča (Slavic Death Deities)


So i decided to dig little bit deeper into the Slavic paganism. I read articles here about Slavic deities but it was not covered fully, so i decided to make remake and i will start with death deities first.
Before i begin with them I want to mention that not every slavic country is having the same deities, some of them are similar and some of them are totally different, that is the main problem in those youtube “get slaved, slavic creatures ” videos…they give them title slavic… and they probably dont know other slavic country than Russia :woman_shrugging:t2: So lets start this.

  1. Kosteij
  • orginally from Slovak mythology
  • God of death ( he is the best for death curses )
  • he likes young women ( i recommend to wear protection sigil when you work with him)
  • he has many faces for example like in the picture or young beautiful brown haired man
  • there is legend and it says when you want to kill him you will need to travel to his astral home Bujan and find the needle. This needle is inside an egg, which is inside a black duck. Legend says when you find a duck you will need to open her , crush that egg and break the needle. That will kill him. :woman_shrugging:t2:
  1. Bohynka Oravja

    -originally from Slovak mythology
  • she is the leader/ matron of Bohynky (demons her race/ so called her kids …this is the same as Lilith and incubuses/ succubuses)
  • she brings missfortune to your enemies ( she will destroy everything what they have for example : realitionships, comapanies, friendships … actually she is ruining lives :woman_shrugging:t2:
  • she always appeares as woman with big breasts and long ugly hair
  • work with her needs wariness
  • about her there is a lot of legends for example she was stealing healthy kids from human mothers. She put part of her soul into the body of human child and this is how little Bohynka was born.Than she brought kid back to its “mother”. Those kids were troublemakers and they always killed whole human family after they were strong enough.
  1. Grgalica
  • originally from Slovak mythology
  • the best female dark goddes i have ever met in my life :joy:
  • ladies, the best slavic female demon to use against your exes
  • process is easy, you give her task for example: to make hell out of your ex life ( you must say for how long if not she will kill him), she will happily accept your reguest and her work is immediate. What i heard from one magician… his ex gf sent Grgalica on him and he was repeatedly choked with Grgalicas big hairy breasts…it lasted 2 weeks until she left him ( no banishing helped him lol)
  • she is woman- friendly and her appereance is same as on the picture (long hair, extra big boobs and she is half giant )
    -legend : in old times there was group of men camping in the forest. They were drunk, noisy… One of the man decided to go pee, so he went deeper into the forest…When he was trying to find “ special” place he saw something big running towards him so he started running to the camp. When he came there everybody was asking what happend but they found their answers when Grgalica came into the camp … they had no chance :woman_shrugging:t2:
  1. Mora
  • orginally from Polish mythology
  • she is the mistress of nightmares ( i had that opportunity to taste her medicine on myslef [ never again])
  • if you summon her and give her task, again you will have to say for how long you want from her to torute that person ( if not that person will go insane or die). Her practice is like this first she will put you into sleep paralysis, than when you will be unable to move she will climb on you ( arachnophobic people have it pretty bad) and after you see her how does she look she will put you into sleep where she is torturing you for hours.
  • legends say that in the past she was responsible for sleep paralysis and death during sleep
  1. Baba Yaga
  • originally from Russian mythology
    -crone of the cursed woods
  • she is death bringer but also light bringer at the same time ( a lot of slavic beigns are afraid of her because of her power )
  • i have worked with her for 5 months and 24 days, honestly there were times when my life was living hell but i got used to her ways of teaching => she is really good at teaching new magicians, you will learn how to deal with things like a warrior and not like pussy
  • she has wisdom of so called forbidden elemental work , she controls weather, animals and lesser elemntal beigns are her servants
    -she gives the coolest nicknames :joy: i got 2: my broom friend and sharp tongue :joy:
  • you can serach her legends on google :woman_shrugging:t2:

There is another 10 famous death deities, but i dont want to make this post extremly long lol so i will make part two if there will be interest or i will add it here later. Also if there will be interest in their sigils pm me :woman_shrugging:t2:
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Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information about those deities. Look amazing :grimacing: Please continue with the rest you have my vote :+1: I will study and research them and pm for their sigils, that would be really helpful. Appreciated :slight_smile:


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Wuu i am happy :grimacing: slavic deities are not famous here only ( Perun, Veles, Chernobog…) even though there are more cool beigns out there :grimacing: thanks for support :two_hearts::joy:


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I’m also interested for the rest, never checked before the Slavic Gods! Thank you for your time and work!

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This was soo well done thanks so much!!! I hope you do more work. What I really find "Concrete and Refreshing’ is the ‘tangibility??’ feel they have validity wise which the maerzjera cult pantheon do not. I am not saying they are no valid and real, but there seems something dubious especialy with the later revisions. The Dieties you pt forward- Feel so right there when I read them.


I am glad you liked it!!! I will post more about slavic deities for 100% :relieved:


Excellent! Thank you for sharing. Maybe you have more info on traditional rituals.


Indeed i will post them later :relieved: tonight i want to post another slavic deities this time types of house spirits and maybe i will add there more death deities :relieved: i will try to split that post somehow :joy:


Very interesting, thank you for sharing this! Do you have a list of literature about Slavic Gods?


were you exposed to these spirits at a young age


Hello, thank you! There is only a little bit literature about Slavic Gods, because all those legends and knowledges were spreading to world only through speaking …only pagans/ magicians know all those knowledges because they are in families for centuries …on the internet there are a few good sites about slavic gods in english so i can pm you them if you want (lol but first i will need to find them because it was long time ago when i was searching them…) :hugs:


Yes, I am 100% slav and i come from old slavic sorccery family :blush: when i was young my grandmother and mother were telling me those legends and when i grew up a little bit i found out that this everything really exists so i started to learn from my family and than i started to work with deities by myself …lol and i am still young i am 19 :grimacing:


i can pm you them if you want

Yes, I am interested. PM me, if you will have links for some resources.