Palo Mayombe initiation

What steps would one take to determine whether a Palo Maymbe house is credible and/or “real” (whatever that means)?

I would speak to Jaysalamone on this

Answer is str8fw

Being scratched is around 1k. You can be scratched for a bit less. Someone who will ask you for 1500+ = beware

Someone who will propose you to be scratched right away without any studies nor getting time to know you (and let you know him) = beware

You have to be close to the Munanso. If it is in a foreign country and you can’t go on a regular basis, skip it.

Get some infos about the rama of the Munanso (mayombe, kimbiza, brillumba). Are you ok with the use of catholic saints pics or not ? Just one example amongst others about some of the differences.

Ask yourself why you want to get involved in Palo. Palo is complex and quite demanding (as far as I’ve noticed) with quite lots of constraint and discipline when it comes to serve the spirits. Don’t take this commitment lightly.

Then do your researches, find a Tata, ask for a reading to determine if you have a path in Palo and if their munanso accept you. You have to get a reading first.

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Find someone that call give you a palo reading. If it’s accurate then you will know. If it’s joining a house that you are interested in, then something’s need to addressed as far as your spiritual frame and the type of spirits that walk with you.

My best advice to you. Is get Mano orula to see if you should get scratched first. A lot of people aren’t supposed to be scratched ive seen a lot of people get scratched and they fuck up their lives because they’re not supposed to be. What to look for when looking for a munanso or any other magical order. Look at the way the people in the munanso live. Do they have good lives? Are they successful? Do they have good jobs? The way I knew my godfather was the real deal was I got into an argument with my mother over the phone on my way to pass for Tata. I yelled at her over the phone because she really pissed me off. I didn’t tell anybody in the munanso because i didn’t have time too. 2 hours later my godfather for possessed with his Siete Rayo. Who looks at me as his son. I look at him as my father and also. He said to me. If you ever yell at your mother like that again your going to have to deal with me. When they get possessed with a muerto they will tell you things noone will know. Also if ur gay your not supposed to be scratched Palo is a mans religion. My prenda doesn’t want to be around gay people. Hell tolerate them but if they start to act fruity he gets pissed. I know people that are gay that are scratched because they got scratched when they were little lids. But they act like men around the prenda. I don’t mean to offend anybody but thats the way it is.

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Also if ur gay your not supposed to be scratched Palo is a mans religion.

Are you saying gay men aren’t men?

In the eyes of the nkisi gay men are looked at as women. They are old spirits that don’t understand that. They won’t even let women come in front of them without wearing a dress

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My godfather told me a story about how he got possessed at a druming and a gay guy that was a palero was there. He said that his Siete Rayo said to the gay guy. Stick with spiritualism. Your out of your league with palo. This is Man’s religion. In my eyes your wadie wadie wich means gay. You are a woman in my eyes. So yes to answer your question gays aren’t looked at as men in my line.

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Sorry but is a rule strictly enforced in palo. Palo has many archaic traditions and the rule against homosexuality is one of them. No credible palo mayombe house will scratch a homosexual. Sad but true. this has change in some houses but these houses are seen with sckeptical eyes. Time will tell as the religion has change from the colonial times. First the kimbisa regla that incorporated heavy catholic ideology making palo a blend similar to osha and voudon to the kindoki’s that are to palo what the bokor is to the hougan in voudon.