Palmistry help - massive cut disrupting life line and fate line

Im just going to post this here… in the hopes that some may have any insight? I have an excellent palm reader, just can’t go to her at the moment. It’s been about 2 months since this experience/ ritual/ magickal initiation. For the record… I would never have been so extreme, this was done by another magician. Pretty fucked, but anyhow it was a powerful experience, it happened. And now here I am, life path very much altered and a deepened relationship with the astral world. I can’t change what happened, but I’d really like this new line read symbolically. My fate line also was completely disrupted, sewn back together with a break, same with my life line to a lesser degree.


Anyone? Bump

Palmistry doesn’t seem to be cov ered much on here right now, I like it but don’t feel competant to try and read this for you, if I can find one of my books i’ll give it a shot but it may be over at my old man’s place. :+1:

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