Pale girl

Yesterday I talked to a demon, he’s name is AZ. After we finished talking, I heard a voice that said:“so you talked to AZ… how was it?.. fun I guess.” Then she started laughing and slowly fade away. I didn’t sense her or anything (I can usually see spirits). But today I was on my backyard and I saw her. She was a very pale lady, with a short black dress, and long black hair. This time I realized she wanted me to see her. Who is her? What does she wants? Is she dangerous?

I asked a demon that has been with me all day but he didn’t know who she was.

No one will ever know better than you do , call out to her and see what happens

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It would be funny when I find the entity who encountered me 10+ years ago at my old house. I felt something on the back of my leg and I heard “Who is this person?” The voice was high pitched and masculine like an old male gnome.

I tried that. At first she couldn’t talk, then she started saying nonsense. I asked her what she wanted, and she said: danger, die, power. Then I asked if she was the one who talked to me the other night and she said no. Then I asked if she could talk and she said: no yes yes no no. Then I asked who she was and said: Lilith skin touch.

I don’t think it’s Lilith but that’s a possibility

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It’s all ok now, she was AZ’s old friend