Pain used to supercharge ritual

It seems in the darker circles many participants will take part in what could be called ritualized torture for the sole purpose of supercharging the ritual. I have no question that this works I simply wonder why it works so well.

I don’t think its the “pain” in & of itself, Necromaster. I think its about the level of INTENSITY your vibrational output is when you’re IN pain.

But the problem arises in your (usually) diminished ability to FOCUS in the midst of pain. Or Pleasure. Both avenues kick up the voltage of your intensity. Neither avenue supports your ability to Focus. It takes your deliberate, intentional “on purpose” I WILL TO CAUSE ________ that achieves Magickal Focus.

Both Intensity (FUEL) and Focus (GUIDANCE SYSTEM) are necessary for consistent Intended Magickal results. :wink: Z

Usually it is a group with a few people taking the torture and a few performing the operation, the pain and blood seem to charge the atmosphere in the room… I’m still confused on how it works.

I’ve never used ritualized torture. I’ve caused enough suffering for one lifetime to add that to my bag of tricks. But as far as utilizing pain in ritual both for baneful workings and other things I’ve found that clearing my mind of everything but the pain and my intent is what makes it so effective. I recently had an absessed tooth that was doing wonders for my rituals before I got it taken care of.

A terrific example of the point I was attempting to get across in my own response … :wink: Z

A couple of reasons.

First, it appears that pain causes energy to be forcibly released from the body – which can then be used for a variety of purposes, like attracting an entity or charging a sigil.

Second, if the pain is severe enough, it can actually induce a trance-like state – some Native American cultures, particularly plains cultures, have used pain for this purpose for generations (e.g., look up “Sun Dance”).