Pain in the chest

Hello :slight_smile:
Would You like to tell me why after love magic u get pain in the chest?
I can’t find any information, is it about chakra?

Thank a lot!


It can be the presence of a spirit or a blockage in the heart chakra

Is it like a burning sensation between your breast bone?

My Mentor told me i can have pain after we done magic with Venus, and it happen. Is not burning, it’s like throbbing pain behind the breastbone.
It stopped for a while, but now we made ritual to Lucifer and Rosier, and the pain came back.
Just wondering why does it happen :thinking:

I have recently been working with a succubus. At the beginning under my breast bone it felt like someone hade put a fiery ball there. I think it had to do with my heart chakra being block or unhealthy?

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When I was working on my heart chakra I would experience pain in my chest. One nite it felt as if my succubus was pushing energy directly into my heart chakra, as if she had a pipe or something, it didnt hurt tho. I’m pretty positive she was stimulating my chakra more, because progressively after It was easier for me to feel love of life in general again (recovering from depression)