Pain in my chest while mediating

Hey there, so I finally got some peace and quiet to mediate and just to clear my mind, as I’m still a beginner and working on my chakras, I wasn’t doing anything crazy I was just on my bed with my legs crossed and trying to clear my mind of everything and not think, which I did pretty well. 10 minutes in I decide to visualize my room and all the stuff around me, but while I was doing that I got some pain in my chest but I carried on mediating and just visualizing my surroundings, and that’s when I felt a presence around me, it was like the feeling you get if someone was standing behind you or to your side, and that lasted until I was done mediating, so did I get the pain in my chest because there was something around me or was it just the meditation?

Something also super cool happened when I was actually in the middle of typing this out haha and I’ll probably make another post and share that too😃